Day 5 at the factory



More progress things are moving fast! Check the video below!

P.S. 48 devices were made today!

Everything is going smoothly and it looks like we are on track to ship very soon. We should be doing 100 more units on Tuesday-Wednesday followed by 250 and 250 same week. As mentioned before no real delays are coming anymore now we are just making sure every V we get is as perfect as possible.

Day 3 at the factory!
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Budget Eve VS One Plus (manufacturing process and QC)

Love seeing Konsta and Mike doing quality assurance! Sometimes in a small business you have to check things yourself. And 48Vs, awesome! Will those Vs eventually be shipped to backers?


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Great stuff - my V will be assembled next week :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Shipping the Very Early bird soon -> opening the Web Shop soon… Can’T wait for that. I hope i will get my V before christmas.


Any news about 1 TB SSDs?


So psyched to see this! Now its actually all rolling, and we are inching, no running, toward the finish line! Awesome work, @Team


Just that I’m getting it right:
Monday - ??? devices
Tuesday - 100 devices
Wednesday - 100 devices
Thursday - 250 devices
Friday - 250 devices
Is that correct? So, basically all HEBs are finished next week already? :flushed:


It’s more like this:
Today - 50
Monday - 100
Tuesday - 250
Wednesday - 250

That’s assuming they do one run each day… And who knows, maybe the next run is already scheduled for tomorrow? I don’t know if they work on Saturdays…


This Saturday (28oct) is a public holiday in China. I don’t think they’ll work


Ah, ok then… Well, Wednesday it is :smile: Now I’m left wondering how fast after that they’ll dispatch a V my way :wink:


does that mean they get Monday of in lieu of Saturday, or that nobody works Saturday? Because it sounds like they don’t work Saturday anyhow.


Is this volume/speed of production representative of production when the webshop opens? If so, with the amount of interest for the V, there would be very long wait times on ordering from the webshop?


Oh don’t worry about that. We can be producing 3000 units a day too. We are just ramping up the production

Production level

Which makes sense and was always the plan to ensure the production process works smoothly and quality level as expected.

So HEBs all assembled and tested by end of week.

Then shipping. So arrival with backers by 10Nov or following week?


And once everything your end is hunky dory and happy, you can look at the next batch right!


I can’t express how awesome these videos are. To me, they are showcasing another world of engineering. I’m a software engineer and I don’t happen to see the hardware/manufacturing side of technological advances. I can’t wait to see you guys ramp up to 3000 devices :wink: I’m hoping that you guys can get and maintain that kind of demand for the V and all your other future devices :smiley:


Does this mean that if nothing goes wrong, that my early bird will get made 2 weeks from today!!?!? I’m pumped!


Thanks for the update, and also a big thanks to the factory guys: It’s not common I guess to have a video shooting inside a factory and the building lines, just for sake of transparency. I’m glad they were OK with it.


I’m glad to see the update. Great seeing all the steps involved and such.

Can somebody please edit the original post with an update for timeline? I know it’s possible to go through the “official” posts and hunt it down, but just knowing where things are with regards to when each batches are shipped would be great.