Day 3 at the factory!



Hiya everyone!

Liquid Snake @iKirin here instead of Big Boss @Konstantinos!

A bit of time has passed since the last video (actually quite a bunch) but we were not idle! As mentioned in the Day 2 at the Factory-Update we were rigorously testing the V!

Testing timeline
As mentioned we put 20 units we assembled through our first testing parkour and we decided that some of the regular testing a 2in1 goes through was not enough so we upped the testing :wink: But what good does me talking, just hear it from @Konstantinos himself!

The good news
All units passed their tests fine! :slight_smile: Means we’re good to go!
And we’re actually already testing the first of the assembled units - expect more information from Big Boss himself by next week at the latest!

And now to answer the question of why I’m writing this small update instead of Konstantinos - I was told he was ‘testing’ the V a bit more :wink:

That’s it folks! :slight_smile:

Community Digest 03.11
Flash sales VS first batches (Hardware)
Budget Eve VS One Plus (manufacturing process and QC)
Did eve develop V with hot climates in mind?

That reference though :raised_hands:


I see that someone can’t wait to play League of Legends on the V :laughing:


Yes and that’s me :smiley: :smiley:


We are assembled units? :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, when are you planning to ship the T-shirts? I mean it’s like 1 week until the end of production of V, so… won’t it end up being sent out pretty much the same day as V, neglecting any advantages of “testing the supply chain”?


Yes I forgot a word :wink:
Just finished up this post before going on a longer trip without WiFi and I did not want to leave the community hanging


Awesome Video, great to see that the V can handle a beating! Can’t wait to get my hands on mine!


Tshirts have been shipped! You will soon get tracking numbers!


Nice video and good quality this time too!
Have you also tested dropping on the edges from ~1m? As in this scenario most of the devices break.


I don’t get why you start the drop tests at 30cm or why they don’t test tablets from 1m normally. Isn’t it totally legit to walk around with a tablet and drop it just like you would a smartphone? Maybe try dropping it on the flat side of the screen and not only on the back :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed they had a sign reading “droping test” with only one p behind the machine. Now I believe you guys that that’s in china :smiley:


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: just to make it clear, I didn’t order one personally, I just wanted to know the status so that we can predict how fast the tablets will arrive. Please let us know when the first people receive their T-shirts :slight_smile:


Thank you… sooo much! all this time, i was waiting for this stress test…! :smiley:
btw… last screenshot? is that NVIDIA Geforce Experience Software on the left side?..

Does it mean? …

nah… forget it… :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe they lied about the specs and there’s actually a Nvidia card in the V? And Konsta wants to surprise us all??? Or maybe, he has an eGPU, hmmmmm

@Konstantinos Can you let us know how that eGPU is working for ya?


Nvidia card inside V? come on man…, this is not yet 2020… :stuck_out_tongue: , eGPU sounds make sense for me


Yeah that’s am Egpu with 1070. Working fine!


Would it be possible to have a comparison drop test between the V and the Surface Pro? So same machine, same configuration, etc.

An insured Surface Pro, of course :slight_smile: because it will cost over $500 if you need to get a cracked Surface Pro replaced at Microsoft (learned it the hard way)


Awesome video. I’m always a fan of good testing. Not a test engineer myself, but I have mad respect for those that do. On that note however, if you’re using different cables/pins, won’t all this testing need to be re-done to ensure they have similar durability?

Neat stuff regardless. I have NO plans to drop my V, but glad to know that if the worst happens it has a good shot.

2nd question: How does it handle being dropped on the diagonal? Your initial “edge tests” in the video were all on the long side of an edge (or nearly so). How does it fare if dropped directly on the corner of the device? (Hold the V perpendicular to the ground, then rotate 45 degrees on the axis parallel to the ground, then drop) That would be the worst case, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t expect much, but would be a great demo if it survived. I don’t expect it to, but it would be kinda sweet.


I know, this isn’t standard for tablet… but yeah i’m agree with you… can we, at least see where’s the limit for the V? drop test diagonally, also water spray test (Oneplus did this even their phone are not ip certified at that time)… but, watching all the video already make me confident enough with the V :slight_smile:


Thanks @Eriol_Ancalagon!

We have done those tests just for the video. We have drop tested around 20 units and tests were done from each side. So they were all done in a very consistent and professional manner.
We will retest the units with new cables too! We want to make sure that V lasts!