Day 2 at the factory + One Liner Update 21.10




Day 2 of production has ended. And we have some great results. Here’s the summary!

In the morning we started by testing each and every unit that was assembled yesterday. We have gone through an extensive series of tests making sure that there are no issues present in the units. That has gone really well. No issues were found.

Also today we have started the production of 50 devices. We have set up the production line. Check the video below to learn more about it!

The good news:
No major issues were discovered during actual production

The expected news:
We did find out that factory workers have trouble connecting fingerprint power button and keyboard pogo-pin connector. We ordered new connectors and they will arrive on Wednesday. We will resume the production on Thursday.

We were worried that some bigger problem will occur but but too difficult to plug power button and pogo pin connector were the only issues! :smiley::clap::muscle:

We could continue and insist on assembly line workers using existing connectors but we don’t want to take any risks of compromising quality given we are so close to shipment date.

Furthermore, the time will not be wasted as on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will focus on stress testing of around 20 devices (we will make sure to drop, heat and shake them before they break) to make sure that all of the devices arrive safe and sound.

Production timeline:

We will complete the first few hundred units this coming week and the rest early next week after that

Things are looking awesome and V’s are working and looking better than ever! Emdoor told us that they never had the whole engineering team at production line before! Everyone is really focused on delivering top notch device to you guys!

I’ll make a video about this machine next time. In short: it’s used to disconnect screen

Like a boss running multiple cinebench tests at the same time :sunglasses:

P.S. I know you guys were asking about the SSD schedule. We will be able to confirm it next week as supplier will have the information then! (Arrow distribution is our supplier BTW)

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Awesome work guys, thanks for giving us this deep dive on the assembly process. I’m so glad that Emdoor is letting you guys record the process of assembly. This is all cool stuff to see! I would like to give a shout out to everyone actively working on this: Great job! :smiley:

P.S. Thanks for answering my earlier question in the last update about what everyone’s uniform color is. I’m so glad that things are going smoothly


That’s great news konsta, hope everything will go great for the actual production.


I believe everyone is so hyped about the progress in the next couple of days. Hitting shipping timeline is important but the quality that Eve can deliver is the most critical one. Can’t wait to see the Eve Vs start shipping to the backers! :sunglasses: You guys are amazing!


Thanks for this update. I love to see this process how to build an amazing device. I hope that the production will run smoothly and no major or minor problem. Best luck for you guys :sunglasses:


So is this machine used to repair Vs (and possibly other devices)?

Also, @Konstantinos did you film that video with a Google Pixel?


What makes you think so? I don’t remember Konsta mentioning anywhere that he had a Pixel…


The extremely weird stabilisation which also characterises videos shot on Google Pixel.


Thats one plus I have :slight_smile:
I am switching it to another phone soon. Oh that will be a surprise :slight_smile:


Just for clarity does the pogo pin/fingerprint reader order and delivery schedule present any delay in the schedule or does it fall within the buffer so no delays should occur?


(we will make sure to drop, heat and shake them before they break) to make sure that all of the devices arrive safe and sound.

@Konstantinos, If you can please, I’d really like to see how the stress test and drop test is done there (only if you can)… thanks a lot :+1: keep it up… we’re going on the right track here :slight_smile:


That’s really great that you update us on regular bases :slight_smile: can’t wait when Eve V enter the market:)


Yes yes, very good… Vs for everyone!


Try a Cat s60 , it has a thermal imaging camera built-in ,it mingt be useful to you :sunglasses:
Or a Huawei mate 10 pro with porsche design if possible:joy:


Good choice :wink: :slight_smile:


I remember that , early in February, you suggested to assemble the device with automated machines, what changed your mind to assemble manually?


We would love to try that but in the future when it is possible :slight_smile:

A lot of work is done by machines on the component level but assembly currently is something that requires a lot of care:)


Sorry but seeing both live I can’t figure out any reason to buy the Porsche Design version. It has bigger storage which in phones is pretty overkill and the “better” (read: ugly shitty) design.

Also the Porsche version has its own UI compared to EMUI which means it won’t get updates (not that the other Huawei phones are any better in this regard)


I have a 128 iPhone and it’s never been more than half full.


Or any camera with optical stabilization…

I’m pretty sure :joy: at the end of that comment means it’s a joke…