Day 1 at the factory



Hello Community!

A lot was accomplished today. This is the day one of our production trip (me and @myien arrived yesterday)

Today all of the Emdoor’s engineering and management team headed to the Factory in which V’s will be assembled. So here’s what happened today:

  1. We had a big kickoff meeting with engineers going through 100+ issues we encountered during EVT, DVT, PVT stages.
  2. Engineers arrived to the factory floor to go through SOP (standard operation procedure) with factory team. SOP is basically a detailed manual on how to assemble the V
  3. Engineers have assembled 10 devices together with factory team. All of the potential production issues were evaluated and action plan was developed
  4. We have tested assembled devices to see if there are any bugs or issues present
  5. 10 devices were set to aging test (performed over the weekend)

Tomorrow we will assemble 50 more devices as the process has gone very well. 10 devices we have assembled today will not be used for sale (just so that you know :smiley: )

Have a look at the short video we filmed!

[ @iKirin won’t put the video here :wink: ]

Some pictures from today:


Community Digest 03.11

Nice… But if im not mistaken, a lot of list that you have there that considered as a problems. May i know what kind of problems? Is it minor or major?.. Keep it up… Can’t wait to receive my V :sunglasses::v:


@ianseer You can have a look at the prototype bug category to see some of the bugs that the amazing people that had a prototype found.
Still a huge thanks to all Testers that wrote those bug reports! :slight_smile:


I see… All this time… I never saw this thread… My mistake… Thanks a lot @iKirin


OMG. What a mess of parts, paper and plastic bags on these tables. Too much for a German perfectionist… Like this they are assembling high tech??? Can’t believe it…


Wow, quite the inside scoop! All the factory workers didn’t even seem to notice the camera either, but I can’t imagine that being normal for them. Really cool to see how it all works, and Vs ACTUALLY COMING TOGETHER!!!


Trust me, this is normal working environment, pretty much all over the world except Germany :smile: if you don’t have a mountain of trash on your table, that means you ain’t working :smile:


Nice video, wish the resolution was higher.


The actual factory, not the trial assembly, looked a lot better!


Prob had to go low res to avoid too much being seen of the “other” devices being made!


@TheDestiny @Kee Actually the quality is so low because @Konstantinos is behind the great wall and the quickest option (with halfway decent quality) seems to have compressed the video down quite a bit.

Which is also the reason why it’s not on Konstas channel but on mine :wink:


What do the different colored uniforms mean, exactly?

That was some pretty cool footage. I’ve never seen what it’s like in a tech factory. Thanks again for sharing another great video clip. I can’t wait to see what else comes next. :slight_smile: Loving all these insider details.


Truly great to see such a great sight! I hope everything moves along smoothly, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Thanks for the awesome updates, and for being as transparent the team is about this project.


@pauliunas is right! These are engineers assembling devices. When it goes to production line it will be a different story:)


I can’t wait to read about this story too… :star_struck:
Thanks a lot for the update, more to read tomorrow :nerd_face:


Are you planning a mini mass production like at the first time again?

By the way: The picture 1912435995.jpg doesn’t look like being in a factory. It looks more like being at Madame Tussauds :-)). Can you get us some evidences for really being at emdoors?


That was meant as a joke, of course!!! If you would have looked to the picture I mentioned, you probably understood what I mean.


Hopefully your children are told some jokes, at some stage :wink:
To say it in your words: Otherwise the life is fxxxxxx boring.


If their jokes offend others, I’ll apologize instead of making excuses.


Hey drawer. Our german jokes are not welcome in this community. I realized that after some jokes of me being misunderstood by others… I realized immediately that this was a joke, but there are lots of people not sharing our sort of humor…