Dashcam for our cars

In short, we need a good dashcam for our cars. Currently “mini 080x” is a good option, and it’s several years old.

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Viofo makes great dash cams for reasonable prices. Had an A119 V2 for many years before I recently upgraded to a dual channel A129 Plus Duo Ultra 4K. The company was founded by two brothers in China who are both engineers. The A119 V3 is a great budget option at $120 that uses a Sony STARVIS sensor that has great night time performance. You won’t get a better dash cam unless you step up to a BlackVue or Thinkware cam that costs over $300.


70mai released just their newest 4K dashcam that I also bought.
70mai A800 is the camera. It supports back camera too.
Here is a sample of my recording:


Just about any camera can do daytime video. The tough part is to do night time with bright headlights coming towards you.

But I guess it all comes down to the sensor that is available and the chip doing the compression, which brings us to the price tag :slight_smile:

A sensor that can do HDR for those bright lights. h265 for sure, right? Do we need 4:4:4 subsampling? And one thing I would not worry about is the bitrate. Let it go high! I don’t need to save 5 hours of video on my SD cards. 15 minutes is more than enough to capture a crash or a meteor flying by :smiley: You can off load the card at home after all.

The rear camera is tearing me. Sometimes it would be great, but so would cameras in my side mirrors as well :smiley: Personally I have difficulties planning how i wire it up. But sure, why not. At least support for it.