Dark theme for the forum



I really like it, thank you @iKirin !
Will try with different devices the next days to look for other bugs/possible improvements.


Seemed to be easier than once thought. :wink:

That would do the thing (in the HTML Header):

<meta name="theme-color" content="#111">

But I do not know if @iKirin can change the HTML Header with the template.


The problem seems to be resolved with the pressed heart color.

But I am unable to un-like posts on Chrome on Android…
And the White-Red Problem within quotes seems to persist…

But I can live with these 2 Problems :sweat_smile:


It is only possible to unlike a post during the first 30 minutes after you liked it.


that explains everything ^^ I just tried to click on the button because I thought it should work, to check if the color switches back^^


Just found anotherbug :wink:
The rose color is really awful tbh^^

.user-main .user-stream .item.moderator-action {
    background-color: rgb(84, 7, 0);

That would change it to the same color as in the posts :wink:


I just wanted to push this since it should be some kind of fix for the problem described here:

Thanks @iKirin for the great dark theme! :smiley:



Seems like discourse pushed some minor update ~. ~

I’ll have a look at it tomorrow (European time)


I did check that thing out, the color was nice but I think the css changed slightly - however I fixed it now, please check it out :slight_smile:

If it does not work, please just ping here :smiley:


Found another bug with the new red @iKirin

Inspecting revealed that the CSS selector .directory table tr.me td .number had the color property set to #bd0f00, which is the same color as the background color of the td .number is inside of.


Uh, seems some update messed with the colors - I’ll change it later today, but thank you very much for pointing out! :slight_smile:

Also, on a sidenote the dark theme is now officially marked as (Beta) so it’s not in testing anymore :wink:


oups, did not even know there was a dark theme lurking somewhere in the more shadowy parts of the forum. :flushed:
Very good idea!


Yup, I love using the dark theme now, saves battery on my phone!


The scroll-line at the right has already that light red eye-hurting color… W10, edge


I always take dark themes if available (WIN 10 has lots of dark theme apps). It’s much more relaxing for my eyes not to have that instantly bright white background… And I never care about what I have been taught (keeps my brain young, maybe)…


Love the new changes to the dark theme header.

Thanks @iKirin @nawthor!!!


If anyone’s interested (now or in the future), the changes are that I added a search bar and home(eve-tech.com) and support links (using this) to the header. I also made these changes to all the currently available themes, so that I could finally remove the horrible header links that used to be on the default theme.


Can you make the house a red eve triangle? This house looks odd…


Not yet unfortunately - we use font-awesome like many other places on the web and FA does not have a triangle implemented yet (which is stupid, I know…)


Can you not make your own icon to use?