Dark theme for the forum



I don’t think most people would want a background image in the forum… Plain color is always the best solution in websites like this one, because the content is way more important here than some nice images. By the way, the HTML part is a piece of cake when you take into account that the back end has to hook into it :smile:


Sure that was just a suggestion. I understand that the content is way more important than a nice image. You absolutely right. :smile:


Looks pretty awesome apart from top banner atm


Also, I know unrelated, but could you add so chrome taskbar copies the forum colour. It’s like this now:

But would be nice to do something like BBC news site does and match colour:

Just being nitpicky though - awesome job peter


I have found another “Bug”.
The profile summary has a coloring problem too.
The Buttons with the overall activity are gone and the coloring of the numbers is unequal.
I will update a picture as soon as I am on my PC, maybe even add some css code to correct it :wink: #CrowdDevelopment


Please do :slight_smile:

But then please don’t forget that the theme as it is right now is only a test :wink:


Changes to implement ;)

White Theme Summary:

Dark Theme Summary:


.stats-section li.linked-stat a {
    color: #ddd;

If someone could tell me how to get the banner back after closing it I could do that as well :sweat_smile:



nav.post-controls a, nav.post-controls button {
    color: #d2d2d2;

@iKirin Here you go :slight_smile:


You can’t, but it will reappear once we update it with new information.


Okay then I will just have to wait.
But maybe someone, who sees it, could send me the HTML code and I can re-add it manually and change the CSS :wink:


I went ahead and re-pinned it, so it should appear for you now.


Thank you very much @Alexander_Halbarth! :slight_smile:

I changed the color of the text in the blockquote for now :wink:

I however changed the color for the buttons to 9b9b9b to have it consistent with the reply button :wink:


I like every color of the forum as long as it’s black :wink:


@nawthor Thank you very much!

That is great too :slight_smile:
And here comes the code for the new Banner :smiley:



#banner {
    background: #4d4d4d;
    color: white;
    box-shadow: 0 1px 2px #555;
#banner .close {
    color: #d2d2d2;


The code to change the button color, seems to change the pressed heart color to grey only on mobile…


That should be a local browser thing - on Chrome for Android it works for me. :o


I’m lovin’ this theme! Beautiful!

Cheers @iKirin @Alexander_Halbarth @nawthor for the work you guys have put it.

And to @dibadibadu for kicking this off with the threat.


I am using chrome on a Nexus 6P O.o
Maybe it chaches an old css… We will see…


Having the same issue here on Chrome in android


I cannot reproduce this error in Chrome on Windows. It seems to be an Android Chrome Error…


On Chrome on Android the Quotes are badly formated too:
Both are the newest Versions available.

Chrome for Android

Chrome for Windows