Dark theme for the forum



Only been back from your little vacation for less than a day… Already hard at work!


Im not able to select it. Is it possible it’s only available in desktop but not on mobile yet?


Black and red are part of eve’s corporate identity… I like it.




Eve logo needs to be inverted for this theme. Now it blends to background. Red is tad too dark too IMO but overall pretty good for now.

-webkit-filter: invert(1);
filter: invert(1);

That would be the css code @iKirin to save you some time :wink:

And we get the Logo back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I’m editing this Post now I realised, that all Buttons on the lower left of a Post are a little bit too dark. Maybe the same color as the reply Button would be better.


Really appreciate for such changes in short time like this! It’s much comfortable now, just that splashing orange “Reply” button and counters are somewhat too outstanding like the sun… :sunny: :sunglasses:


I like it! With improvements others have noted, I think this will be a great option. Thanks for your quick work!


I do like it as well. A lot. Immediately switched to it on all devices… this much better replicates the color scheme of Eve and the V (thus it should also not be altered to a black&blue in my opinion, but rather be played with in regards of black, red and color variations, plus gray in color variations).

@iKirin as expressed in the chat (and @reappear) stated, the logo needs to be inverted. It could even work with red imo, the color from the V wallpaper, alternatively white is good, too. But I guess you’ll do that once you’re back home.

What I particularly like is that the logo gets me back to community and the thread title gets me back to the first post. This somehow was not available for the white theme (scrolling down removed the logo on my laptop and I always had to click the title to jump up and then click the logo).

In the thread overview it is a little bit difficult to distinguish read/unread threads (this applies to threads I have not fully read or replied to), with the tracking enabled there’s a count of new posts appears so that makes it easier but it does not apply for all. It probably is easier to illustrate via picture:

IMO it makes more sense to have the font color for read threads slightly darker, assuming that vastly people will not click on it a second time as they already read the topic.
Alternatively, is it possible to have an option to turn on the unread counter for all threads via user preferences? I did not find that option at least.

PS: it’s fascinating to see color changes made on the fly when someone changes the theme :smiley:


Well I have to keep up with you 2 guys that did so much work over the weekend when I took 2 days off :wink:

And I’m working hard on the changes please keep the suggestions coming :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look into the read/unread things as it does not seem to be something I can do with just snapping my fingers (at least right now ;))

P.S: It’s great for me as well :smiley:


I love the dark and red theme. It’s look very awesome.
I would definitively to use this theme daily use.


Can we have another option? :slight_smile: I prefer white to black. I do care very much, but I just prefer white :slight_smile:


You can still have the default white theme :slight_smile:
This is right now just a small pet-project of mine that I’m doing because I like a dark theme myself :wink:


Can’t change the poll any more. Nothing will change for people who won’t change the settings. Default theme is staying white.


Imagine that you could upload a theme from your computer like an image . It just a suggestion.


Using Dark Test Theme Right Now, Oh My Does it Look Pretty.



Good job <3


Loving the dark theme @iKirin.

Thank you


The forum is not just a static image, so it’s not as simple as you might think :smile:


I did’nt say that it’s simple. I have a follow several html lesson and it’s more complicated to create a website or change color to a website for my knowledge . Yes I know, when I told about the uploading of an image it’s was just for a background by rethinking and not a theme. :slight_smile: