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After knowing @nawthor and @iKirin loving dark themes and black as background color, please check to implement it here!!! Or am I to stupid to find it in the settings???

"Black/White Beta" & "Experimental" Themes
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  • Please implement dark theme
  • I don’t care about black or white background color

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If we have enough interest I’ll 100% have a look into a dark theme :slight_smile:


Why isn’t there a vote for “stay with white background please” ???:smirk:

This poll doesn’t make sense right now.


It’d be optional so everyone can chose what they like more :wink:


I’d assume because a theme is usually something selectable. So if a dark theme would be implemented, it would be an option to pick, and by default you’d still have white.


Ah allright. Understood. Now it’s okay for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Optional is the way to go.
I’d like to change to black theme on my mobile phone to save some battery life and use the white theme on my desktop.


I think solving the problems with the V are more important than the color of the Community Page right now.

But I would also prefer a dark theme, its better to read at night and does consume less power.


Something like this maybe?

This not enabled right now and only for testing as it’s something I literally hacked together in 5-10 minutes or so :wink:


It was my intention to implement it to the settings. To choose between black and white. The for the clarification Peter…


Not sure that this is possible because I think discourse (as quite a bunch of forum softwares I’ve worked with in the past) is saving it on a user-level which theme is used.


This dark theme option could maybe help to increase V’s battery life. A good V owner should be at least 2 hours a day in the forum…


I’m fine with that.
I don’t mind some clicks as long as I can change from white to black and back.


I’m not a fan of dark themes, but I think it’s good to have options.
Kudos for @iKirin to pick up on this request so quickly.


How does it increase battery life? Only works on AMOLED-screens, or am I wrong? On other screens it even slightly redcues battery life, so …


Correction - it is not saved on a user level (as some parts of things I’ve seen have indicated) but on device level.


You’re already working on it?!


Yes, I am already working on it as a bit on the side :wink:

I’ve enabled it for you everyone to check out as well - please give me feedback on it right in this thread :slight_smile:

"Black/White Beta" & "Experimental" Themes

Black & Red => I’m not a big fan… But I love dark theme so is it possible to have Blake and Blue?