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Hello. I have been waiting 3.5 years for EVE V to reimburse me the money I paid for my EVE V or send me the product. 3.5 years! Most of my messages go answered, and when I am answered I get strung along even more. Please provide me with answers. As I have stated many times, you have my money and while it may not mean much to you, it is a lot of money to me. I will not “write off” this issue.

Furthermore, the whole situation is a real shame as we were some of the first “backers” to throw our support at the company…and, in turn, we are stolen from, ignored, and treated as a nuisance. Not once has anyone from the company reached out to me unsolicited to offer an explanation or solution. Any time I do manage to solicit a response, I receive a stock answer and no follow up. This is so deeply troubling what EVE is continuing to do. And of course, the “Community” won’t allow any of these very real comments and stories to stand. Shameful and disgusting.


It’s probably not too much consolation, however I came very close to ordering the EVE V and did not because of those like you not being taken care of. I will not buy any EVE product till the company makes good on refunds or product supplied to those of you who were ripped off by EVE! What kind of a company does this to their early supporters? You are correct it is shameful and disgusting!


You are not alone @Ivan.

A Eve customer representative do respond to my questions. I had provided all proof of purchase several times and they had ensured me that they are aware of my situations.

They offered no refund due to complications but they had offered to send the upcoming “V” once that eventually comes out. I am hoping they deliver to their promises to me as my compensation.

I had been a proud original backer hence why I paid for and expected the original V.


I would like to state that I am of the same position and of the same opinion.
Like @Ivan, I’ve been raising this issue over the years. I’ve only exchanged emails dozens of times. EVE promised me a product exchange, and even mentioned that I would send it when a new product (V2) is released.
We have not received any contact since communication until the beginning of this year. I’m going to wait patiently, but I hope EVE doesn’t forget me.
I strongly hope there is a responsible answer from EVE for the common needs of @Ivan and several others.


Maybe I shouldn’t write off my issue either … mine broke after a couple of months of use … still on warranty … fully diagnosed by Eve and confirmed to be faulty … and the resolution from their side was “hop onto our store and buy a new one” … while still under warranty … maybe I shouldn’t write off my case either?

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Thanks for this. I certainly can’t give you advice about this…except, don’t let this, or any company, steal your money. Best of luck.