Curious about the price hike of the base model. What gives?


Hi there. I missed the flash sale today (dang), but had a look later nonetheless. I noticed that the price of the base model was raised by $160 sometime in the past week, apparently without warning. Back around the December 4th flash sale, it was $799. I’d like to know if there was any particular reason for this? the $800 base price tag was what made the Eve V appealing to me, but now it’s gone up to almost $1000, which is a considerably harder pill to swallow. Any explanation the devs or community can give would be appreciated, I’m just curious as to why this was done? Was it unexpected manufacturing costs? Was it a shipment supply issue? was there some announcement that I missed? What’s up?



Quite a surprise for me tol but there was a last minute announcement indeed.


Phew, good that I bought it in the flash sale on the 4th. €833 including a German QWERTZ keyboard and a screen protector was a great deal! With that new base price it’s not quite that great of a deal. Esp with the ongoing $200 off the Surface Pro base model, even if you have to buy keyboard and pen seperatly


I also missed the flash sale from yesterday, but with the new price of the M3, I’m not so disappointed. I don’t see anymore the revolution if Eve is going more expensive than Microsoft… I’m not sure anymore I’ll choose Eve, if I can get a surface in any shop at anytime for less money, and don’t need to wait a flash sale I can again miss. The others version i5 or i7 are too expensive for me and I don’t need this kind of product.

Also I think the i5 and i7 version have still the same price, so is Eve just wanted to increase margin on its opening product which has been sold so quickly ?
I hope Eve will do something to correct this, which accroding to me is a big commercial mistake.


remember the specs on the V m3 compared with the SP. 8gb cf 4 gb, better screen etc

Also Eve need to make a margin on that model or an even bigger commercial mistake!

The M3 was underpriced in the first flash sale - and arguably so are the i5 and i7


Here’s the problem that Eve seems to have run into. At the higher end, it is true that Microsoft’s machines are considerably more expensive. At the lower end, however, the only things stopping Microsoft from undercutting the Eve V completely is a measly 4 gigabytes of RAM, a second USB port and Thunderbolt. That’s it. The i5 and i7 are only marginally faster than the m3. If Microsoft or any other company adds that I/O and it keeps its pricing for the base model, Eve will have to seriously step up their game. I just hope that Intel releases a quad-core update to the m3 sometime down the road.

It’s a shame to see the price hike, but a decent reason has been given, so I suppose it can’t be helped. The Eve V seems to be doing really well anyway, and I still think it’s a terrific candidate for being a computer that can replace (almost) everything else, what with Thunderbolt and all. I just don’t know if I can justify the expense anymore. Who knows, though. I may still be tugged at it for a while. It has LinusTechTips’ stamp of approval on it, that alone will probably increase its popularity tenfold.


Actually you forgot about a few more things that the Eve V has that Surface Pro doesn’t:

  • Included keyboard
  • Included pen
  • Better screen
  • 2 USB-C ports
  • Backlit, wireless [Bluetooth] keyboard
  • Fingerprint reader (which in my opinion is more reliable than face/retina scanning)

I realize some of this is subjective, but to me as a tech enthusiast, there’s still more bang-for-the-buck here compared to a Surface.


There’s no guarantee that MS wouldn’t charge a hefty price to add those to the Surface.


The prices for the V at the beginning of 2017 were a good deal … but a year has passed … everything else got bumped down in price or remained the same price but was upgraded to i8 as opposed to the i7.

Have to be honest, but the Eve V, after 1 year of delay, is not such a steal as what it used to be.


This remains to be seen. Microsoft has never had any real incentive to put more functionality and I/O into their tablets, or to lower their price, but now they just had a wedge driven underneath them by Eve. I’m not so sure that Microsoft will stick to their current pricing model so tightly now. But it’s not just Microsoft that I’m worried about.

I’m sure this has been discussed often before and taken into consideration, but there are a lot more companies than Microsoft fighting for a spot in the Windows tablet market, half a dozen or so, to say nothing of the Chinese market. Now that the Eve V is under quite a large spotlight and has reviewer after large-profile reviewer singing its praises, other manufacturers will start noticing what Eve is doing, particularly what they’re doing right. That’s going to spur other companies into refining their own designs and lowering their prices to target not only Microsoft but Eve as well, and the more popular the Eve V gets, the more notice these manufacturers will take.

I’m all for supporting the underdog, and between the Eve V and current tablets on the market I would take the V hands down, but that’s only because nothing comes close to it at the moment. Eve will have to make some pretty compelling innovations to stay competitive with newer products down the road. From where I stand, it seems that the hill Eve is climbing is only going to get steeper from here on out.

I don’t want this post to come across as a slight against Eve for the price hike, that was not my intention. I’ve got my answer as to why the price was raised. All it did was raise another, different concern for me.


Absolutely…its a valid point. I think that the other companies changing their game isn’t something to be feared tho. Part of what Eve wanted to do was change things. That would just be a natural result. It was never going to be a gimme that Eve would always produce the best and the cheapest. Its been said many times that MS made the surface to spur action in the market. Eve has now done the same thing and they will have to keep up. If they can’t then they won’t last.


Well…you should write why people would be enticed to SP to be fair.

Things Eve dont have:

  • Customer support - Live chat + If you have Microsoft store in your country, you can exchange with a defective SP (under warranty)
  • No wait time to buy
  • Better Speaker
  • Better Pen tech (i believe SP has better/updated pen tech under the hood)
  • Face/retina scanner (some people might prefer it)
  • Longevity of the company
  • Repair prices are established (yes its expensive but its established, still dont know Eve repair price)
  • Experience (for example, silly mistake like not shrink wrapping Eve = dust etc)

bang-for-the-buck to me is how long i can use the device for before needing repair. Eve could be better but needs to announce after care/out of warranty price.


I have gone from someone who was going to buy the M3 at the next opportunity to someone who will probably try to get a deal on i5/8gb Surface Pro after Christmas. This is a shame as I support what Eve are trying to do (and it has worked in other markets - eg bicycles with Canyon), more than EUR800 (plus keyboard tax plus shipping) is too much to swallow, even allowing for some of the other advantages.