Creators Update, privacy and data collection prevention


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here everyone has them :joy: many packages come with unlimited sms as default even.

What I want to say is that outside of your country things might be very different from you’re accustomed so take that into consideration so you don’t start over generalizing :wink:


Same here in Belgium. Unlimited sms are popular. In France they even have unlimited 4G plans for an affordable 18/20€’s that do include unlimited sms, I know at least 2 Belgian persons who have used such an unlimited 4G plan while on vacation there. I can imagine that it will also be quit popular over there.

About data collection: even apple does it. Why do I say Apple in particular? Since one of the most heard argument pro Apple over android or apple over windows, is that ‘android phones’ and ‘windows’ do collect, use and sell your data. But in fact, it Apple has a page about what data they collect from you, and they state that it can be shared with third parties and such. And after all their promises about how it will not be used for marketing or such, they state “Additionally, in the event of a reorganization, merger, or sale we may transfer any and all personal information we collect to the relevant third party.” which is implicating that they can even sell your information after just reorganizing. So even that ‘most privacy oriented’ company leaves options open to sell information and distribute it for marketing and such. They just know how to formulate it so that it looks less suspicious.

At the end, they all collect your data. The digital life is about collecting data. It is a dangerous trend, but it is part of our economy so it will be hard to stop it. It can be regulated, but all privacy laws have there flaws. And even than there will always be hackers for whom your privacy doesn’t count.


You don’t have to use Google.
Many people have no choice but to use Windows.

Notice the difference?


The only thing I’m noticing is yet another attempt to derail the conversation towards bashing a single vendor. (I can pick a million holes in your rudimentary argument, but I will refrain from doing so for the reasons stated above.)


Who forces you to use windows? most programs on windows do work on mac. Are you talking about your work computer/laptop? That is the problem of your work, and it is not that you should use it for your own private use such as facebook, shopping, holiday pictures and such. I in fact encounter more a ‘you need to get mac for that’ feeling. I use davinci resolve for video editing, and the windows version has less possibilities than the mac version. final cut pro is almost everywhere described as the best video editing software but that is mac only. My friend is DJ and same goes for many DJ needed features that are sometimes not even possible on windows (some MIDI functionalities are not supported by windows). The only things that i have seen that windows is recommended more than mac is for some games. Some, not all since most of the games also run on mac. So who forces you to use windows?


Yes guys a good discussion. Let us keep the level and not leave.
I also use little social networks. No FB and WA, although my entire family uses it. I have no confidence in FB. Google+ I barely use. Most still Skype with my wife or SMS.
But @Pauliunas is already right with his statements. I’m also thinking about whether I sign WA for the Creators Group.
The data gathering fury of mainly American companies is very serious. Especially I scared Google when I see in the course. But you can delete it regularly, in the hope that it is also deleted on their servers. This is something Microsoft should offer, if I have overlooked it.
They remain invisible. :sunglasses:


I think that Microsoft offers to delete all your personal account data (without the account) from their servers. I forgot where to find it though since I don’t use my account on my pc :sweat_smile:
And I’d also have preferred Telegram over WhatsApp for the creators, but I use both of them anyways… :smiley:


Ryan, do you really have enough time to pick that million holes in a rudimentary argument ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you telling me there’s a better way to spend the Easter break? :sweat_smile:

@SyrtakiVampir there’s a “privacy dashboard” now, but of course you need to trust that it actually deletes your stuff:


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Hi I’m new here and not sure if joining this thread is such a good idea. But for folks that are concerned about privacy with Windows 10, it is trivial to turn off all telemetry on Home, Pro, and Enterprise editions.

In Home/Pro OS anyone is free to edit the hosts file to filter out all traffic to/from select Microsoft servers using this list: Here is a guide on modifying the hosts file: Note that certain servers like windowsupdate cannot be filtered due to hardcoding in dnsapi.dll. This is a good thing to prevent malware from totally taking over.

For enterprise OS you can simply follow the official guidance from MS:

As I understand it, vendors such as Eve with a volume license agreement with Microsoft can jeopardize their volume discount if they are caught shipping units with settings that block telemetry for Home/Pro skus. But shipping Enterprise OS with blocked telemetry is just fine - it just costs more per seat - a cost that consumers are unlikely to pay. Eve could test this theory by offering an Enterprise Sku for more money - I doubt there would be many takers and it would just be one more SSD image to manage on the factory floor with little ROI.

Hope that helps.



It’s not really a question of whether it’s trivial or not, it’s the fact that you are required in the first place to turn off spyware from your base OS and then have an army of apologists come out of the woodwork defending Microsoft.


I wouldn’t go so far that I’d defend them, but I appreciate to have these options at least exist. I think it’s honestly mostly the fault of politicians… Companies just exist to grow and make profits and they couldn’t care less about people’s wishes as long as they can get bigger and bigger. It’s the job of lawmakers to define borders and right now there are nearly none… So, I sadly can’t really blame anybody for collecting data as long as their legally entitled to do so. The same with tax evasion or environmental damage. I try to avoid these companies as far as possible from a consumers’ standpoint, but ultimately it is the job of a politician to care for the people and not as much about their own pocket, but well, we know how people are…


The idea is good!

ENTERPRISE Versions are Volume Licenses for larger Companies and can only be purchased as UPGRADE to Win10 Pro (OEMs from EVE) (at least here in the EU). There is no Retail Sale ENTERPRISE Version.
Eve will certainly not be able to offer it.


Just for everyone’s information: