Creators, badges and titles



With the media attention the V has been and will be receiving soon, we expect a large influx of new users to the community. As we want their experience to be as smooth as possible, we are and have been implementing some small changes that we believe will help both old and new users to identify who they are dealing with on the forums.

First you may have noticed that you and/or others around you have a fancy new badge; the V Creator badge. This badge was awarded to everyone who partook in the creation or testing of the V. (Or should have been. If you haven’t received the badge but feel you should, please send me a message about it).

And I’ll also announce that we are going to be giving away badges for all future projects we do, so get your feedback out there!

And some of you may have noticed that you or others around you are no longer called "creators”. That is because the group no longer exists:

There are multiple reasons for this. The first is that everyone in this community is a Creator. You are the people who help us create the next great devices. So there is no reason to have any artificial grouping for who are Creators and who aren’t. Especially not one that is based on what people’s activity half a year ago.

Second, unlike the @Senior_Creators group that was created at the same time, the Creators group never had any defined purpose. Nor perks, unless you count the title and the avatar flair. Ok, I guess those are perks.

Which also ties into the next reason. It caused confusion. The titles and flair caused confusion. It hasn’t happened often, but every once in a while I have seen someone reply that they were confused about someone’s status based on the Creator title. And that is once in a while too often.

Going forward, you will see fewer titles, and it will be easier than ever to recognise posts made by the team.

All Eve team members now have a title that starts with “Eve” and tells you what they do. You’ve probably seen posts by the Eve Co-founder & CEO or the Eve Community Managers. The new titles are sometimes a bit less playful, but we feel it is important to be able to clearly identify the team.

Next up are the Senior Creators. These are all people we feel stand out as strong positive contributing forces in the community. This is also where we remained more playful with the titles, (so some of them may have more unusual ones – there’s a story behind each!) but they always have the little light bulb icon next to their avatar.

The last title you may come across is for the Insiders. These were people that were instrumental in Eve’s early success, and were at the at the root of the V’s development. They are our veterans, and their early contributions shaped a lot of where we are today.

Community Digest 21.11

So all ppl. that got moved out of the senior creator group now look like newbies, can’t say I’m happy with that at all.


I wouldn’t be, just like I’m saddened by the loss of my Creator badge. sigh Oh well. It is what it is. :frowning: no matter how saddened we get by it.

At least I got to keep my “Regular” title.


What’s in a name?

A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet!


You can’t smell ppl on the Internet, like you can’t know when irony or sarcasm is used, the Elements to perceive that are not available in Text except one tags it with /s

@nawthor I would be happy with the lazer cat tho :smile: a title is not necessary.
I think this would be a good compromise for the alumnis.


I thought ex-SC’s were getting a title too? The Alumni-thingy.


They got a badge. Like insiders basically. This golden SC hall of fame thingy :wink:


What do you do when you lurk through the forum (also think about it form the viewpoint of a new user) ?
Look at the avatar of other users or go to their profile and check out their badge wall ?


This is one of the points I brought up earlier. To a new user having a bunch of various titles and avatar flair images is confusing. "What does it all mean?"
Also, by not emphasizing most users, the ones that are, the team, the current SCs and the insiders, stand out even more.

If they click on a users profile picture (on desktop), it will bring up the user card. There they can see the users latest badges amongst other things. This is something most people should be doing anyway.

Like @SyrtakiVampir said, they (SCs current and past) only get a badge. And it is renamed to “Senior Creator Hall of Fame”, as also pointed out.


@nawthor Badge me up man. Make me something like “President of anything that isn’t the USA” or maybe “Not Donald Trump” with a yellow badge that has an outline of his hair.


President of Narnia 2020


I think this a great idea to help with confusion. Also helps keep things clean for the media !


Hmmm, what about the possibility (not a default), that people could choose to display in which batch they ordered their V? HEB, EB, Flash Sale, etc?

I know this has nothing to do with how active someone in the community is, etc…


I really like the design of the V Creator badge icon. I will use it for something on my V as soon as it arrives. Maybe as replacement for the explorer or the computer.


Glad you like it! I’ve also updated the V Prototype Tester badge icon to a golden version of the new V Creator icon, instead of the generic tablet icon that they had.


I was in the Senior Creator group but I never felt my involvement would have justified me staying there. When I was asked what would have been the best course of action for my specific case I said that it would have been best to take me out of it in order to make room for someone else.

Groups have to be functional in order to be meaningful. Personal feelings should be considered of course, but should not be dominant.


Sounds cool and the Ideal is nice


sometimes clicking on links in the forum which supposedly go to other threads, I get “sorry you have no access to this topic”.


Odd. Could you give me some of those links so I could have a look at them?


I encountered the same before, when i lurked the forum logged out.