Creation of a Community IRC or Discord channel


Is there, or has there been any consideration of a (official or semi official) IRC channel for this community? Or, dare I say, a discord server (Which despite my 20 years on IRC I have grown to seriously like discord in its favor)

The community we have here is certainly an impressive one, relative to other up and coming projects, but you just can’t beat the real time back and forth something like IRC gets you. Or the trolls. Gotta love the trolls.

Neither idea actually requires any community contributions to make it happen, simply a collective will and a small bit of advertisement to make it known. But if it were to help, I would be happy to become the community mascott.


There is a telegram channel


Telegram channel? I’m not familiar with that one. Could you elaborate?


If my search yielded the same platform I must admit I was unable to find a relevant channel among the copious amounts of porn. Mayhap my google fu has failed me?


We try to keep the discussion to our forums as much as possible, as it provides a public and open place where everyone can participate. It also makes it much easier to find back something that was discussed before, for reference or simply to avoid posting something that has already been posted.

The Senior Creators have access to more direct lines of communication with the team, and as such they can get faster answers when something needs direct attention or confirmation. Access is intentionally limited to our most trusted community members. For the time being, these are the only official Eve channels outside of the forums.


I understand, and I can respect that reasoning. But for those of use who are new to this community yet strongly passionate, it can seem somewhat daunting attempting to figure out how we can contribute.I am sure many of us have skills that could be put to use on this project, as those skills themselves are likely what lend us to to our interest in this project. I find it easier to spitball and determine what, if any, those skills might be and how to leverage them in a more realtime environment.

But as you say, your reasoning has truth to it. I’m just not sure where to go from here.


I appreciate your enthusiasm, and I can understand how reading through these forums can make one burn with a need to create something.

But at this time, the ball is pretty much in Eve’s court: decisions have already been made, a device has already been developed and tested. And unless any of you have a huge stack of grade-A top-of-the-line 12.3" IGZO displays hidden away in a shed in Shenzhen, there’s not much the community can do to assist in the making of the V right now.

After the V’s launch there will be other projects though, and that will open up many avenues for the community to participate and lend their skills. Have an idea for what that next project should be? Pitch it in the #development:whats-next category!


Just keep using the forum and if you have idea, create a topic or comment on one of the already open ones.


Not trying to contradict you, good sir, but I’m curious if it would at all make a difference if my background was in Apple’s Power & Performance team? Basically, I was (one of those) in charge of minimizing power consumption, optimizing UI an d window server performance.

…I also wrote a loooooot of automated testing systems. I realize at this point I’m just being a pest but, but you know what they say about persistence.

Edit: please understand I say this with utmost respect for what you’re all accomplishing.


I’m all up for a discord server, since I use it daily. Telegram was yet another messaging app I joined for the sole purpose of following Eve V discussions sporadically.


I’ve just created one. Not sure if it’ll catch on, but no harm trying. What’s your discord username so I can add you?


Post an invite link here so that anyone can join freely


Good point, forgot about that.


I would ask that you please incorporate “unofficial” in the name or somewhere, to show that this is not run by, moderated by or representing the Eve team in any way.


I agree, and will do so now.