Creating the best ever launch video. You thoughts are needed!


Hello Eve Family!

@Mike, me and @Thor are flying to China today to follow the latest developments and push PF forward as we are nearing our launch date.

But before we go there is one important thing we would like to hear your thoughts on! The launch video of Pyramid Flipper that will be used for our Indie GoGo and website for as long as Pyramid Flipper exists.

We have already selected an amazing Finnish Video agency Klok and now we are in conception stage. We have introduced Klok our general ideas, what we like and told them everything we only could about community development (they liked this community a lot!).

They have now got back to us with 3 concepts for the video.

The proposal with description of each concept can be found here:

Our goal is to select our favourite concept and add things from other concepts to it making a 2-3 minute Video script.

What we would love to hear from you:

  1. What do you like about each concept?
  2. What do you dislike about each concept?
  3. What is your favourite Concept
  4. What kind of video you would like us to create (include a link to a video example from YouTube and tell why you like it. Please link a video of a tech product.)

P.S. Please try to follow answer format above and don’t get to critisize tiny details as these are just abstract concepts.

What concept did you like the most?

  • Concept 1
  • Concept 2
  • Concept 3

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Let’s show that community can develop, not only the best product, but also the best videos in the world! Can’t wait to see your thoughts! :kissing_heart:


I loved how the product was given a personable story. I think this would hit home with people which is at the end if the day who facilitated the design of the product. Looking forward to seeing this when it goes live.


Hey @garry! Cheers!
What is your favorite concept?


What do you like about each concept?

1: The inspirational speaker, and the fact that it’s about that people don’t wan’t to put too much effort in making the best choice. And i like that it’s community driven and supported by intel and microsoft
2: I like the story and the shots of the PF in between
3: I like that it’s about the community

What do you dislike about each concept?

1: it’s too common, a lot of crowdfund videos’s go that way. %Also for what phone did you guys win an award? I also don’t like this part: "What if this laptop had damage resistant glass because Rashid just wouldn’t let it go and when taken to the vote, it seemed he was right…What if the battery lasts all day… because thats what everyone wanted? "
2: There is actually not a lot which i don’t like. Maybe that it’s also a little common for a crowdfunding video: “meet …, he has problems… , we can solve them…” But i guess this one should be alright if you give it an original twist.
3: Nah, I don’t like to see a lot of people in the video, I want to see the PF. I don’t think it’s necessary to point that it’s one mm thicker, just say it hass a lot of battery capacity.

What is your favourite Concept

I like the second one best.

What kind of video you would like us to create (include a link to a video example from YouTube and tell why you like it. Please link a video of a tech product.)

This one. When I watched this video now it gave me goose bumps again.

I really like the video and I instantly wanted one until I found out about all the bad things it had. Still I like the video because it shows something about the design and has class, I love the gears and the watch and I like the strong power in the voice over. And also the music on the background.


I am somewhere in between 1&3

  1. I like the everyday life concept but I think we could tie the concept of community into this like in #3 …Ie) we see people going to work or home in different locations around the world and skyping/logging into the eve website to partake…then we could like I mention below cut to a machine shop/factory and watch the device come to life ?

When you talk about Microsoft and Intel could we cut to images or video that shows the logo/people ?

3.I like product shots, I know its very tempting to go the Apple route but I think that showing the product in actual use environments with tight shots might work better …ie) instead of looking at the device against a solid white background we maybe see a student sitting in a lecture hall or a person sitting down in a coffee shop and then we get a tight focus with a background blur of the kick stand popping out followed by the keyboard being lowered and the device powering on (figure print)? I would also want to see some manufacturing video …the CNC work etc …

Also the eve logo would look cool being 3D machined out of a solid block of metal and the chips being cleared out …like the first 7 seconds of the tormach video

or since the eve logo is black maybe laser engraved

Edit: if the keyboard has fabric maybe we see the selection of the fabric and the cutting !

Community members who partook in the process could maybe have non speaking /backround appearances maybe as a reward ( ie pic on screen during a group video chat etc)


Sorry it is Concept B

Garry Clark
Senior Writer


I felt that Bill is quite negative for a publicity…
And also, I believe that the truth will be more appealing…
So, I’m for a combination of 1 and 3…
Or better yet, the video starts with 2, goes into 1 and ends with 3rd concept.
A full story, like a little movie that has a plot.
And a happy end :wink:


What do you like about each concept?

1: I too like the idea of an inspirational speaker. I also like the build up of the story.
2: Would most certainly be a funny and feelgood video. The story has the potential to get the audience interested. For some reason I like that his name is Bill, cause it makes you associate… :smirk:
3: I like the focus on the upside down philosophy and that the story involves the community in a good way. I think it would be possible to get nice transitions between shots of people, the device and so on.

What do you dislike about each concept?

1: I feel it´s a bit too generic and “ordinary”.
2: Could end up to be too simple or plain and maybe the concept has been used too much already?
3: The different shots have to be composed and mixed in a good way to work properly. I would not like it if it involves too much info about the specs, can become clumsy if it does.

What is your favourite Concept

Number 3, but perhaps could be mixed with bits from the first concept to make it even better.

What kind of video you would like us to create (include a link to a video example from YouTube and tell why you like it. Please link a video of a tech product.)

I like the idea of showing the progress of the device, from the first sketches to the finished product like in this video:

I don´t think the music is particulary good though and from the middle towards the end it´s really just boring to watch.

I also like the feel and music of Volvo´s videos, for example this one:

And of course this one too: :grin:

Excuse me for the OT, but what I want to say is that the overall feel and quality of the video is really important if you ask me. I also really like videos that incorporates a lot of shots from manufacturing, testing etc. like @Laa2004 already pointed out.


Just a little correction for slide 5 - T1 wasn’t a mobile phone :stuck_out_tongue:
And I’m no expert, but all of the concepts look great to me, while I think it’s the execution that matters. The video needs to be attractive, and have the right balance between thrilling and boring.


Just a suggestion.
I’m more of a ‘specs’ guy who wants the fabulous features as the focus of the ad.
I liked this OnePlus 2 ad a lot, but I think our video will be longer, due to a huge list of amazing features.


Not the direction I would go but a different take on story telling about being the "underdog"


I liked the 3rde concept the best, mainly because it talked more about the device itself. If the 1st concept talked a little more about the device, then that would be my favorite by far.


On the whole I think all three concepts are great and have a lot of potential. I like the way they are mainly about people and reaching out to the emotional response while still highlighting the key points about the PF.

On the flip side I feel they all focus to much on people and the community rather than the PF. For me this may help grab my interest in the end what I’m more interested in and what will convince me to explore further/buy the PF are the specs - cutting edge tech and a solid build at affordable prices and feel all the concepts could benefit from more of this.

Out of the concepts listed I probably prefer 3 due to highlight in the grass roots, alternative to big business and community driven nature of the PF.

I also feel the frame is too long, for me and ad has 30-60 secs to grab my attention and convince me to watch the rest, where it can give me more information.

This is the sort of ad that is most likely to grab my attention and get me to explore further.[]


I prefer the first one. I do see why people think its cliched but that’s how it gets into people’s psychy i guess.

Sell them a dream rather than the product. Its how car ad’s are made, this is one of my favourites.

Show them a dream and then show them that dream product and match it against some kind of inspiration. I agree with someone about the specs side as i’m like that too so if that can be built in that would be great.

The 2nd one does sound a bit of a spoof :slight_smile: reminds me of the below ahahaha


Another possible sequence is someone “pushing” the competition aside or “off a table”


For C1 ( see what I did there?.. Ok, sorry… ) I like promo videos which makes you think that the product is made to fit with everyone’s life, no matter what you do, the promoted product will work for u.

C2 is my least favorite because, well, it’s the opposite of the 1st concept.

C3 is good, it tells the viewer about the important infos in a straghit fowrad way, I like it, but I prefer the first concept. [quote=“Konstantinos, post:1, topic:1735”]
What is your favourite Concept

Well, it’s the first one, but the 3rd is a close second.

I personally like apple promo videos, they have a mixture of concept 1 & 3.

If you can make videos like them plus including footage from a CNC machine making the device( I love clips like this, it shows the beauty of making a device with such precise machine ) and minus apple fancy words then I would be very satisfied with the video.

A mixture of these two videos will be awesome :


I beg to differ. 90% of the first video is about one feature - camera. The rest is either about speakers or about… well… basically nothing. Let’s face it, these tiny built-in speakers just can’t have tolerable sound quality. And the rest of the video looks very much like the usual “you want it because we said so” Crapple thing. If we really want to show that the PF suits everyone (and I think we do), I think we would need something more than just one feature :slight_smile: I too think a mix of concepts 1 and 3 would be great, but I really don’t think the videos you posted somehow fit in that description…


First one is just like Big Corporation would use to humanise its product.

I would prefer a mix of two and three. Down to earth, grounded, realistic, maybe with some funny spin that would mean “we understand the babble you are injected with every day in every stupid commercial, we laugh with you, not at you”.


You do have a point, but in general, apple videos are well designed IMO.


I understand why people here would want Concept 3. But I beg to offer an opposing view. Concept 3 is important for us. Because we helped make it and because we feel its important that it was made by average people like us who wanted to fight the machine. But in reality what is going to get the average person who is looking for the right device to buy it isn’t going to be learning some intricate knowledge about how it was crowd sourced (that can be explained in the description of the actual kickstart,) No people want emotion, and they want good story, they don’t want details.

Concept 1 gives you a “feel-good” response and that is what will sell and help people get aligned with a vision.

Just a thought.

I just want to take people away from this inward view of me me me and focus on how it will sell. This doesn’t change the product, it just changes how we promote it.