Cracked screen repair



Has any replaced a cracked screen? I was trying to make a video for Eve support in order to make a warranty claim which means holding my V in one hand the my phone to record in the other. Unfortunately, the V slipped out of my hand, dropped less than 1 inch onto my kitchen counter, and cracked the corner of the screen. I’m interested to hear if anyone has had any experiences with repairs with Eve.


My experience to replace my cracked screen:
Mar 9, submitted request to Support, sent pics and asked for quotation…
Apr 18, DHL picked up my V from New York…
Apr 21, DHL delivered to Eve Hong Kong factory…
Jun 7, no news yet. It was estimated to take 45 to 60 days from Apr 21 to order parts and replace screen…
So good luck!


If I remember correctly , @TechieWeirdo has some experience on this.


I think you should ask support on what their expected time lines are. Eventhough some people might have experience with repair service, it’s constantly changing to shorten waiting times.


I dropped my eve, approx 12 hours after I got it. Unfortunately, I was asleep for probably 7 of those.

Anyway, it got picked up, pretty happy with the price. I assume it is in India, went last week. I guess it’ll take a while, such is life; could be worse.

First thing I’ve ever droppped, since then I’ve dropped my mac pro and iphone x. I’ve also fallen out the loft and down the stairs. Genuinely, genuinely, think I am getting parkinson’s or ms :rofl::rofl::unamused: hopefully it’s just the bader meinhof phenonomen.


It is with great regret that I must inform the forum: since the last post, @bleach has fallen off the earth and was last seen passing the ISS.


I know I shouldn’t laugh but you really can’t make stuff like this up :grin: I’d be mega annoyed if I dropped my V, so far so good, but I do take good care of it. What was the warranty claim for?

I guess you have the footage of the drop?!


Wow that is a long time to fix a screen. Thanks for the responses guys.


Yup there is footage.


Indeed I did! The estimated time for repair is 45-60 days, though I just sent in mine 3 days ago (My V got rejected by the warehouse when I sent it in through DHL in Hong Kong, so the team helped out by shipping my V to Finland then back to Hong Kong)

Just be patient and ask for updates once in a while. (If you don’t hear back from Support) I suggest asking for an update within next week for @joemcwong since it’s already 48 days since it arrived at the Warehouse (Eve only uses Hong Kong as the warehouse, the factory is located in Shenzhen I believe, which is located in Mainland China)

Hope you get your V back soon! I expect mine to come back to me in late August, just in time for school.


Sorry to hear that! Expect the repair to take 45-60 days once the V arrived at the factory. Remember to send in your serial number, as well as detailed pictures and a video showing the full exterior of the V (Put it on a table!)

When I contacted support for quotes, Pricing is approximately $380, along with some processing fees and whatnot.


I had my screen crack twice. Similar to your case except I have never dropped mine. I suspect the metal case has some bend to it that is putting pressure on the screen and causing it to split or crack in the corners. The first time I put a support ticket in, they responded promptly. The second time, I’m still waiting on a response. They said they would send an email follow up and haven’t for seemingly a month or two now. I’ve pretty much given up hope and am just waiting for another two or three months before I ask if they have improved the process of getting broken screens fixed.


I really hope that people thinking about buying this device are carefully reading the forums.

45 to 60 day repairs?


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once you get your fix V back, you should get a case. luckily for you, i have the solution. the V case, only for €10 message me for order details.:grinning:


Where all them fanboys at? Isaid the battery/screen was not going to be cheap to replace, lol. No way the battery will be cheap to replace.


Past 60 days, as expected, no news! Went out to Support 2 days again, but have not rec’d any reply yet!


I hate to say this but the support is slow and they can made u wait and wait for sure!


I had to replace Surface 3 pro screen for roughly the same price (and that was 3 years ago) :thinking: