Could somebody test Lightworks please (Video Editing software)

I am using Lightworks for Video Editing. This is a really professional tool. There is a free Version.

Could somebody please test if the software performs OK on the V? I only do light editing - so nothing special is used. Only HD up to now. Maybe sometimes 4k…but who knows.

You get the software here:

If it is installed and started. There is a cogs-menu in the upper right. there you can chose a GPU-Test. The results would be interesting.

Thanks for testing.

Sure, i’ll try. What do you need me to do?

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He said it in the description I think :wink:

Additionally you could just try to edit a little video, if you have the time to spare and share your overall (subjective) experience :smiley:

not gonna lie - i was just gonna open the program and click around a bit here and there. i could tell you whether the number of clickables was satisfactory or wanting.

edit: ok lol they pass on the buttons. there actually are interesting buttons. hahaha

and here’s the one importantest button:

this is the gpu test result with nothing much in the background

gpu test result while streaming hd video and calculating pi to 32 million digits

anything else?


Thanks, this is quite interesting.

I had the hope that a modern CPU in the V will be not so much worse than my aged CPU in my Lenovo W541…I was wrong…
Which Model of V do you have?

Do you have some HD Material? I know, Lightworks has a quite steep learning curve - but If you are into video it might be useful to learn? The tutorials from them are really good. If you edit some material, is it working flawlessly?

Thanks for testing.


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I have the i7, but you got to remember all the Vs have low-power CPUs so they can’t really compare to desktops that usually have more cores and higher base clock.

Sure, if i have time i can try to mess about with it - where are these tutorials?

The most recent tutorials:

Here you will find quite some more:

They even have a really nice demo-project: (Klick on the tab - “Demo Project”)

The community is really helpful:

Have fun with a great program.
Thanks and best.