Correct Instruction for Bluetooth Keyboard


@Team @Konstantinos FYI, can you correct your instruction for connecting the Bluetooth keyboard. The instruction provided on How to use your Eve V Bluetooth Keyboard is not helpful and also incorrect.

You need to change the instruction
Should be:

  1. Make sure Eve V has Bluetooth on and then go All Settings and click on Device.
  2. Click on Add Bluetooth or other device
  3. Detach keyboard from V
  4. To enable Pairing mode, hold down Crtl + F12 key on top row of V wireless Keyboard
  5. Wait until you see the “V Wireless Keyboard” in the available Bluetooth devices on your Eve V
  6. Click Pair and wait for Pairing to be completed.
  7. To turn off Bluetooth mode on your keyboard, hold down Crtl +F12 and you will see green light blinking 2 times.

This should be how the instruction for pairing the device and not the way you have it in the instruction you sent as it does not work. I hope you can change it for future customer who purchase the V.

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Thanks @azn804. I follow your instruction and am able to setup bluebooth keyboard. Though it takes several tries for both #5 and #6 each, especially #6. But once paired, I am able to disconnect and reconnect without any issues. In fact, I am typing now in the bluetooth mode.


The instructions should also mention that the instructions only work with Fn-lock off. If Fn-lock is on, you must press FN-CTRL-F12. i.e. press FN first. If you do CTRL-FN-F12 or even CTRL-F12, nothing happens.


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Thank you! Got my keyword working with these instructions.

Just got my 1TB Eve V and tried following the instructions in the included quick start guide to pair the keyboard, didn’t work :frowning:


Thanks, this instruction worked


thanks, I was struggling to make it work but i missed the ctrl key , i was just pressing the F12 :wink:


I am just glad that this is helping. They really need to update the instructions to make it easier to set it up.



thank you for your instructions, they made this working for me! :smiley:


helped a lot to get this annoying thing connected… .still testing for latency and accuracy


Very good guide! Thank you I paired my V following your instructions :slight_smile:


Really? it was always press Crtl + F12 to turn on/off, then hold F12 for pairing mode for me.


What other users mean is that the instructions in the getting started guide are not clear or even incorrect about this procedure and difference in modes.
It is nowhere stated if the kb should be attached or detached. And it is not mentioned how to turn the bluetooth of or on on the kb. So the correct steps and full explanation in the guide should be:

How to use your Eve V Bluetooth keyboard

Good news! The Eve V’s keyboard can be connected in 2 ways: using Bluetooth or Pogo pin connector port in the device.

To pair the V Wireless Keyboard with Eve V, or another bluetooth device:

  1. Detach the keyboard from the V, if it is not already detached.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth at the Eve V
  3. Press the CTRL and Bluetooth / F12 to turn Bluetooth mode on at the keyboard
  4. Hold Bluetooth / F12 until the little blue light underneath the arrow keys starts flashing
  5. Wait until you see the “V Wireless KB” in the available Bluetooth devices on your Eve V
  6. Click Pair and wait for pairing to be complete

To turn the Bluetooth mode on and off use step 3, with the status indicated by the backlight.

Could be a bit condensed, but this is the complete explanation I think. Did I miss something?


The instructions worked for me at least in “connecting” the keyboard. In other words, the keyboard appears on the list of connected devices.


(i) When I use the keyboard in Bluetooth mode, nothing happens.
(ii) None of the green or blue lights show up at any stage near the arrows.



Update - I followed Wickedly’s instructions (thanks) and the keyboard is working fine in Bluetooth now.


excellent tip, works like a charm,
thank you so much for your help!!


After using keyboard in Bluetooth mode the keyboard isn’t connecting automatically when attached with POGO pin. Should I do anything extra?


Try a hard restart, with the keyboard attached and unattached.


I tried this and worked.


Thanks, very useful - and worked a treat!


Hi there new user of EVE i can verify that you only click ctrl+F12 to switch on the keyboard and then hold F12 until the ligt on keyboard flashes blue. Then windows will discover the keyboard and you can make the connection.
I am using Windows Pro 1703.