Corporate Bull$#!t, As It Happened



…flawless victory

  1. Shure KES1500/KES1200
  2. Logitech MX master wireless
  3. KEF LS50 Wireless
    should i list more??? it’s opinion tho…

people will tend to point out small issue IF their intention is to talk shit about that particular products.



Reese’s can give some people Anaphylaxis not to mention some other horrible reactions.

On the other hand I don’t really like the flavour that much, though my friends from SG simply love’m, and I just can’t fathom why.


me :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My experience has been pretty positive. I don’t feel that the V is a bad product that underdelivers. I think the biggest issues have been production and shipping related. I do ageee that the V is not a fully “fully polished” device (no Caps indicator, no charge indicator, etc) but no device is perfect and the V is solid as a daily use device.

My speakers sound great. I just attended an online meeting the other night over a 1.5mb DSL connection. You don’t tend to get good audio quality in that situation but I was able to listen at 1/2 volume with school projects, cooking and dishes being done in the same room. Also, my speakers have never buzzed. Music sounds great too. I think the real issue with the speakers is their orientation. I havent used headphones yet so I have no input on that. I expect it will be just fine tho.

I’ve gotten 10hrs of battery life. I’ve also gotten more and less depending on my usage. I’ve put almost no effort into increasing my battery life.

It took me 1 minute to shave a little material off of my USB cable. It works perfect now. I agree it needs to be addressed for the future but come-on…it’s not THAT big of an issue.


The main issue is - how EVE reacts to this problem.


True, I believe the company would be in way better state if they’d handled their support better. Never had a bad experience with support, but you see quite a lot of disturbing cases where people are waiting for months for a sollution for their problem with weeks on end without any reaction/news from support.


Hi John. Thanks for the feedback!

We are hyper aware of this as one of the things we can definitely improve in the future and are looking into setting up systems that would prevent this from happening.

There has been some changes in the personnel and as a young company, sometimes these transitions don’t happen is as coordinated manner, as they tend to in larger corporations where everything is already made into strict processes.

Its sad to hear about these people who have ended up with this situation and after we finalize the investment round, actions will be most certainly taken to make sure this would never happen again. Goal is that 0% of the customers will have these experiences!


Well, from what I gather they have looked into it on the manufacturing end to see what can be done. I haven’t read up on it in awhile but I seem to remember hearing more and more people report having 2 good USB ports as more Vs were delivered.

As a small start-up I think that recommending a user modification to the cable is an acceptable solution since it only involves taking off a tiny bit of material that in no way affects the performance.

How we react to something small like this is also an issue IMO. I don’t think it’s worth holding against Eve. Our support and understanding when little things go wrong will benefit us as customers because it will help drive change in an industry we all feel needs it. We give the big companies that kind of benefit-of-the-doubt all the time. Example…Buy something from HP, Microsoft, Apple, etc that doesn’t have every feature you want, has bad battery life or just costs way too much. We buy it anyhow because “at least they have a great warranty” or “they’ve been doing it forever so it can’t be that bad”. I’d rather play the long game of changing things and throw my money and support at a company that wants to break the cycle.


I was more talking about their reaction - "we contacted our suppliers - by them everything is within norm so we will do nothing ".


Awesome to hear Mike and nice seeing you participating in the community!
I believe in Eve and even though the company isn’t in the easiest situation right now, the products (V and accessories) are quality products filling a place in the market with a bright future if pursued adequate.

I think the best goal for Eve’s support is to create an informal contact base for customers, where they can ask any question or ask for help and will always get a quick answer with the truth to create a place where customers feel they can easily “knock on the door” anytime. This doesn’t mean that every problem should be fixed within a heart beat but it means that customers can always get a quick answer on the progression of the sollution. Even though it can take a while to fix a problem, giving a quick and truthful response grants understanding and therefore patience without the lack of satisfaction from the customer’s point of view.
This last part is a characteristic of the generation of people between the age of 18 and 25 nowadays that is remarkable: If you explain your progress (eg reason of delay) they will grant great understanding. Be aware of this characteristic and use it.

Also I would advice (if this isn’t the case already) to create a line of contact between the community moderators and support. Where every team can make a mistake, leading to a customer that feels ignored because of the struggle to get/stay in contact with support or because of the lack of a solution to their problem, this community has served as a safety net for those customers. They will ask here for help on what to do next. Those topics will get deleted because it isn’t the goal of this community to provide a place for these messages. If the mod’s could use some kind of an “emergency/priority” line of contact to get the problem of such a case as fast as possible, it would not only lead to a satisfied customer but would also grant more worth to the apologies of support in such a case and lead to more understanding and appreciation. That way you can turn a possible dissatisfied customer into a fan of the company!

If you manage to get hold of a fertile investment deal and manage to obtain great support, that’ll result in all that what Eve needs to achieve the bright future we all think it deserves (great product, strong customer base and the tools to achieve and maintain those aspects).

I wish you the best in pursuing Eve’s bright future and I will follow you in this community in the mean while!


Thanks for this further feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

Actually what’s quoted above, is already happening. I’m seeing these messages and typically they are being reacted with priority. We’ll focus in the future to make sure that the system is fail-safe, so that it should not happen that after this reaction someone still ends up without an answer.

I’ll put this to my personal tasks: to inquire about the visibility systems in place in the customer service during this week!

Sincerely appreciate your feedback!

And its good to be back :wink: