Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!


Thank you again, but I think your poll is unrealistic and non-transparent because it fails to take into account the vast majority of people who just paid to upgrade their tablets by purchasing the Eve V long before this thread even existed.

For non-backers of the Eve V, please note these polls. They tell a more accurate story of the 10-inch Core M tablet situation. In other words, if you want a 10-inch tablet, you will need to join and verbally and openly express interest. It is unrealistic to expect people who just purchased a tablet and haven’t yet even received it to want to upgrade. That would mean a two-month upgrade cycle. Also, the Eve V, by virtue of it being a 12-inch tablet, disproportionately drew users fond of 12-inch tablets to its community. This makes it impossible to get a clear reading on whether a 10-inch Core M tablet is even viable in the market. Now, what will happening from my end over the coming days and weeks ahead is I will be sharing this thread with other tablet forums. That way, we can see what a more typical buyer has to say about this. Again, non-backers, note these polls:

(Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!)

(Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!)


Guys, you have to remember that the majority of 10" tablets are powered by Intel Atom chips, much lower power with a small minority of them coming with Y class M3s. Therefore the pricing of 10" tablets is far lower than MS Surface class machines.

It will be an uphill battle to convince the market that there is a reason that they need to pick up a 10" tablet at a premium price. The most common laptop size is 13.3" for a reason, the screen is easier to see. 13.3" seems to be the place where the market has settled for a balance between usability and ultraportable weight. In the tablet marketplace, the iPad size was 9.7", and has expanded with the Pro to 12.9" for readability and to be in the range of the sweet spot for laptops (13.3")for things outside of games (I consider 12.9" and 12.3" to be pretty much the same, the difference of .6" is going to make a minor difference in usability).

At a 10" tablet you will end up with a keyboard that is too small for most hands and a screen that is unusable for anyone over 40, and if you go with similar chips as in the V, you will have smaller real estate for the power source of the tablet, or be forced to increase the depth of the 10" tablet, making it a solution heaver than the V (neither a shortened battery life nor a super-heavy tablet are really an ideal solution).

It is important to note that a 13.3" 16:9 screen and a 12.3" 3:2 screen are approximately the same size.

For size comparisons, here is an image (I could get a consistent opening of the original image, so pasted the image into the message, sorry

Just my thoughts.


All these size issues you mention did not seem to stop people from purchasing the iPad Pro 9.7". I know of many people who had initially purchased the iPad Pro 12.9". However, following the release of the smaller version, they exchanged it for the iPad Pro 9.7". One of these people who exchanged theirs for the smaller iPad Pro was a college roommate who stood at over 6’ 6"–a giant. Most normal people look past these frankly minor, minuscule size issues.


Currently, the market has no compelling Core M-based 10-inch tablet. The only real option that is coming soon to the market is the Samsung Galaxy Book 10 and it is terribly underwhelming. If anyone should challenge it, their product would easily have the high ground.


If I might add, the current forum makeup will make any insurmountable odds seem all the more insurmountable for any new tablet propositions. The reason being is nearly all the users here recently purchased the Eve V and have no pressing need to upgrade. This is not representative of the market. Most of the users here were also attracted as backers to their Eve V Kickstarter project since they prefer or are partial to the 12-inch form factor. This by default makes most of the forum users (who are primarily composed of Eve V backers) here and any of their responses decidedly skewed towards the Eve V and against anything new tablet-wise, at least for the next six months to a year, minimally. For any new tablet projects to take off, it will be requisite to circulate them through the various tablet web forums so this thread gets the necessary coverage.

In reality, I think a 10-inch Core M tablet would be Eve’s best next device to design and sell since this device has a very low market permeation and saturation in its respective category. The smartphone market, on the other hand, which the current community of users seems to be especially bullish about, would frankly be a poor choice. There are so many hundreds if not thousands of models of smartphones that another one would inevitably get lost in the market. I can easily name almost all the major tablets on the market but the smartphone market is a monstrosity. Brand name, not differentiation, is typically the driving force of sales for the market leaders in smartphones. My two cents.


Come on, we get it and it’s noted :wink:
I hope, you understand that the next device is not a pressing urgency right now. Eve won’t build it as soon as the V ships, I guess. All threads right now are just to discuss possibilities and ideas.
Right now we’re talking about all kinds of form factors and the team is very open to any suggestion, if the community favours it! Your idea won’t be ignored, don’t worry.
But I think, that as soon as the V ships, first some accessories will be a priority and during that time the community will try to think about the next form factor. And after the accessories are ready the next product will be attacked. And this is by no means an official timeline. I just think that it’ll probably be that way.
So, please, don’t get offended or disencouraged, if we tell you our concerns about a tablet as a next device. It’s not like the phone threads or the ones about a possible laptop (2-in-1) or the one about the very futuristic wearable, etc. pp. are without any doubt. There are many great ideas with many concerns.
It’s just that right now any idea is valid, but will be under scrutiny. Give it some time. Who knows how the community will look like as soon as the V is ready and some more people join and also you advertised a bit for new people and your idea :slight_smile:


Just to conclude:

Arguably, it is hard to get an accurate pulse reading on any product category in the market when you have a supersaturation of users responding who recently purchased a product in said category. Statistically, a user is far less likely to make another purchase in a high-dollar product category when they recently just finished making such a purchase in that category. It is like asking someone who just gorged him- or her-self at an all-you-can-eat buffet if they would like to eat an entire seven-course Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. This is unrepresentative of the current market condition.


You may need to ask the market again like you first did with the Eve V, not your forum’s skewed subset of that market. :slight_smile:


@Hifihedgehog in case you have additional remarks and your post is still the last one in a respective thread, can you please ‘edit’ your response? This can be done via the little pencil symbol.
It’s not like we are on a hunt for most lists here, plus it makes it a lot easier to read - particularly on a mobile device.


Again, I was still out of edits as I stated earlier and there is a 24 hour waiting period after hitting the edit limit. Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile: Also, I am keeping my comments to this thread. Many people also appreciate not having a single monolithic post or a wall of text, but smaller, easily digestible posts. I can’t help it that I have so many good things to share!


you rock and are so smart and have done very good research man, I too want to have a powerful 10 inch tablet without the extra hunk of 12.3" one! I know many colleagues that want a small powerful tablet 2 in 1 too and there is nothing on the market! I don’t know why others don’t see how brilliant this is!!!


on the spot, since surface 2 there is no competition!


do you think you could fit AMD hardware into the 10 inch tablet? I am all but tired from the intel to be honest


Thanks! I went through today and streamlined and edited many of the posts again and again–this has been the culmination of very many hours of careful revision to get it sounding and presented just right. For example, I am now really pushing the term “10-inch Core M tablet” since that is a niche that really needs to be filled and it will boost SEO (search engine optimization, so more people visit this forum via Google) since Core M and 10-inch and tablet are all very popular search terms. The story behind this is I have been hearing fellow forum members at TabletPCReview belaboring for years that there has been no Surface Air. There at TabletPCReview, we refer to a 10-inch Core M tablet as the “Surface Air”, named by forum member Mesosphere who originally conceived the concept. Then, a couple days ago, I had finally had enough and I decided to take matters into my own hands, resulting in this thread proposal you see today. I hope that following the release of the Eve V, the Eve team turns its attention to this other market category, the 10-inch Core M tablet. With just the lackluster Galaxy Book 10 (e.g. just eMMC storage, only one USB-C port) as their only competition, Eve would have the upper hand to strike hard and get a big return. They (@Team , that’s you :wink: ) would have the opportunity to formalize a still very much ignored product category, the 10-inch Core M tablet, which typically only the big-dog corporations do.


wow, you are so right I’m surprised so many people here and all miss your point as this is like gold mine without competition

An amazing Eve V 10" Tablet

So true! The Surface Pro was not the first 2-in-1 detachable tablet PC, but it was the model to formalize (in other words, popularize) the category on the market which finally got the other PC manufacturers on board. To date, only two real 10-inch Core M tablets have been released: the Onda V919 3G Core M and soon the Galaxy Book 10. To be fair, there have been plenty of 16:9 10- to 11-inch Core M tablets, but they are so awkwardly wide and narrow that they might as well be 12-inch 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio tablets. As to the Onda tablet, the Onda V919 3G Core M ultimately failed since the Onda brand is well-known to be the worst in build quality among the Chinese tablet manufacturers (see the very end of this article:, suffering every possible hardware issue imaginable like their Atom tablets typically do–yellowing screens, defective Wi-Fi chips, thermal throttling, etc. That leaves us with the Samsung Galaxy Book 10 which still has not been released and which has nothing striking or innovative besides a Wacom EMR pen while severely cutting corners elsewhere (e.g. barely full HD display, eMMC storage, just one USB-C port). This underwhelming product from Samsung leaves the market wide open for someone else like Eve to come in and show everyone how a 10-inch Core M tablet is supposed to be made so other manufacturers are forced to follow in their footsteps. It would be Eve’s opportunity to make history, formalize a product category, and ascend to the popularity and sales ranks of other premium tablet manufacturers, all by simply taking notice of a gaping hole in the market just waiting there for them to fill.


look what i found!!! you are absolutely right this is possible and in good 10 inch dimension


Yes, it certainly is. Cube has been making 10-inch Core M tablets ever since the Cube i7 Stylus. The only flaw is it has this awkward, very wide 16:9 aspect ratio and very huge bezels. As a result, it weighs and is sized about as big as the Eve V. But this is a 10-inch tablet and it is further evidence that the next natural step is a true 10-inch Core M tablet, that is one that has a 9.7-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio display like an iPad has.


so all we have to change is put iPad display on this tablet? Can you calculate how much it will cost? Sounds like a quick and easy project, and bezels are good to hold the tablet so it’s good to have them. Even more don’t understand why people here don’t like your idea. Maybe they are just boring and need to see the price to want it!


I would ask here what weight would people expect to have as well as thickness.

As if it is a core m device it would need at least 40wh battery to last that long. Provided it is smaller than V there is less space so you have to make it tbicker so its quite tricky to get that balance right :slight_smile: