Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!


Would you be willing to step up to a battery larger than 40Wh and a slightly thicker 10-inch Core M tablet if in exchange it gave you greater overall battery life?

  • Yes. Make it thicker with a 44Wh battery so I have 11-hour battery life.
  • Yes. Make it thicker with a 48Wh battery so I have 12-hour battery life.
  • No. I want to keep it at around the weight and size that I currently see right now.

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How much would you be willing to pay for a full productivity i5 to i7 10 inch tablet with 8-16GB RAM and 256-GB SSD and 30WH (realistic) battery? Vote the max $$$ you would be willing to pay :wink:

  • $200 to $399
  • $400 to $599
  • $600 to $799
  • $800 to $999
  • $1000 to $1299
  • $1300 to $1499
  • $1500 plus
  • I am not interested in buying 8-10" tablets

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That’s actually a good idea, please spread the word as it would be great to see the feedback from newcomers. Also just as a note, people here are very open minded :slight_smile: When we originally started in the community on the V (codenamed PF then) it was the community that decided on all the specs, including that 12" size that was voted to be optimal.


I already have this somewhat trending in the TabletPCReview Forum. I will be posting this to TechTablets’ forum next when I next get the time. :wink:


What digital pen technology would you ultimately prefer on this 10-inch Core M tablet?

  • Wacom EMR
  • Wacom AES
  • N-trig
  • None

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Would you be willing to purchase this 10-inch Core M tablet with the specifications as listed above in the original post?

  • Yes. As specified.
  • Yes. With some changes that I will specify in this thread.
  • No. (I backed the Eve V.)
  • No. (And I did NOT back the Eve V.)

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Note: I already looked into the matter of weight and thickness and the approximate specifications I list are slightly scaled up from the previously released, similar Onda V919 3G Core M from several years ago. It could end up slightly heavier at 1.5 pounds, but that is about the ceiling for the approximate weight based on the specifications I originally listed.


There is not enough of a difference between a 12.3" EVE V and a 10 " alternative to make it worthwhile. Now if it had a folding screen (the first devices with folding screens are making it to market in 2017) then it would be a say 13.3" tablet with dimensions of 7" x 11", that would not only be a first but would be something very earth shattering. The battery would not be foldable unless it used solid state batteries, but that is not a big deal.

Here is the link of the prototype that I believe is finally making it to market in 2017/18.


Interesting observation. Being an Eve V backer (or as a recent buyer of a tablet) does appear to lower an individual’s likelihood of buying this tablet. It would be interesting to see where non-backers, which make up the majority of the world, lie.


As a follow-up to @Alexandr_Smirnov 's poll, if you specified that you were not currently interested in purchasing a 8- to 10-inch tablet, did you back the Eve V?

  • Yes. I backed the Eve V.
  • No. I did not back the Eve V.

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What I’d take into consideration is not only what non-buyers would think, but also what they would think, when they come here and are able to buy the V right away (well, in ~2-3 months to be correct). I wouldn’t wait another year (or even half a year) for a similar device with a smaller screen, if I’d see that I’ll get the V right away. And I don’t want to state that this is universal, but I could imagine many people thinking that way. Especially since I get a keyboard here… I should add that I’ve never seen the use of a tablet over the one of a 2-in-1. When the first Surface was announced, I just thought that this is what I was waiting for all along :sweat_smile:


The iPad easily dominates in tablet sales with its 9.7-inch form factor in the lead of its line-up. Even though Eve V backers may be drawn or partial to a 12-inch form factor, that is still not the norm. That is why I am so behind this idea.


Yeah, I know, but you’re talking about a brand here. They are buying an apple device. Not a 9,7" tablet. (just my personal opinion)
And it’s not like I want to bash your idea. It’s totally valid, but I personally don’t see the market for Eve right now. If it changes with new people I won’t say anything anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


To only non-backers of the Eve V: Would you purchase this 10-inch Core M tablet? In addition, please also explain why or why not in a comment below. (EDIT: A few backers erroneously answered this poll.)

  • Yes.
  • Yes, but with changes.
  • No. The Eve V looks more interesting.
  • No. Another reason.

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Keep in mind that if you are an Eve V backer, you are voting on the polls intended for a non-backer.


I clicked it, and now I can’t unclick it x.x


Dropping 20% year to year after introducing 9.7" iPad w/keyboard doesn’t look like a very promising market segment. Digging further into their financial reports it can be seen that iPad has been dropping even steeper but was offset by growth in China. Which is likely because China is just getting to the peak of their Apple craze, therefore gobbling anything with Apple logo.


There are a lot of people in this community who have not purchased V and certainly you should invite more people from other venues.

POLL: How much are you willing to pay for 10" full featured tablet

Should give you and community a good and unbiased indication if that is of interest to community or not once you receive a significant amount of votes. Either way please don’t feel discouraged and know that even through arguments everyone hears you and wished best at their hearts


That is okay. :slight_smile: The votes can be seen publicly. Thank you for letting everyone know. :smiley: Again, if anyone else backed the Eve V, please do not respond to the options or polls which specify non-backers.


I am also well aware of the situation behind this as I have cited this statistic before many times on TabletPCReview Forum. The iPad is losing sales largely not due to the hardware but mainly due to the many software limitations of the iPad. I can cite many Apple fan forum and Apple official FAQ posts where iPad users have requested Mac OS features but those requests have fallen on deaf ears.