Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!


Would dual booting with Android/installing AMIDuOS be a workable solution for you? Or would any of the Windows Store alternative apps (m for medium, Hyper for Youtube) work for you? For example, I prefer Hyper for Youtube from the Windows Store over the official iOS app.


Dual booting is ok but not great to be honest. It is just to complicated to have two file systems etc just to use android apps. I would then only use the Android side probably. What is so great about the iPad is just how good it works. If only they added more capabilities, like file browser etc.
Oh I didn’t know M for Medium, thanks for pointing me to that. Still, I think official clients would be a bit better. Also GarageBand and iMovie, although always laughed at, have developed into great apps for quick edits and ideas before you open them on the Mac. And there are countless others including VSCO, etc. The lack of good UWA apps is really a bad thing for a tablet in this size, that is aimed at entertainment and consumption as well as professional work. With the V, it’s fine because it has a trackpad and a keyboard and works great doing a lot of things in the browser.


If you don’t mind me asking, doesn’t the option of plugging into your ultrawide monitor setup at home curb the problem of size? If the 15-inch MacBook is too small, where does a 12-inch Eve V fit into your workflow then? Or did you purchase it just as a tablet (like the iPad) and nothing more? If so, wouldn’t a smaller Eve V Air be a better fit for you anyway if the Eve V is not big enough to serve any practical purpose?


Working, yes.
Working good, no.

The powermanagement isn’t working at all, so the machine runs at 100% all the time.
But it’s getting there.

And when AMD will introduce the Ryzen-M ( or what ever their mobile version will be named ) the price for Core-M will drop
and then we will see more sub $300 Tablets with Core-M.


Sadly home and Uni are two different countries, so the Ultrawide isn’t with me most of the time, but I do usually have a monitor which I use for work, which is why the V is still very useful. Also for me, the V will be powerful enough to do most things my Mac can do, besides heavier photo editing, which is fine. With 12", it’s roughly a full A4 page, so IMO that’s a big difference from the 10" proposed one.


See FL Studio Mobile.

See PowerDirector Mobile.

VSCO is also on PC.


In other words, it will serve as an independent secondary display for most of the time when you are at university, then? That makes sense.


As i already mentioned, i really like the idea of a T2.

I think tablets of this size are already used and will be used a lot, because of their “form factor” - great to use at home and on the go for multimedia stuff and just enough for simple business tasks.

As far as i know the austrian legal department wants to replace “hardcopy files” with “digital files” so it’s very likely, that we will see a lot of judges with tablets instead of sheets in the near (or not so near; it’s a department :wink: ) future. So I think more and more public as well as private facilities will change their computer systems and will replace pc/laptop with tablets.

If there is a tablet, which fits the requirements (quality, usability, os with office-suite etc.)…maybe we could hit a growing market just in the right time. I don’t see any tablet in this size, which satisfy this needs right now.

And eve-tech just got a lot of experience in this market - regarding suppliers, business partners etc. so the start of this project and the developement could be a bit easier.


I really want to understand why people want such devices, but so far all that I see here does not convince me at all.
Maybe this device will be interesting to you :smile::

I respect other people’s opinions and do not claim absolute truth and also wanted to remind you that any discussion without criticism turns into a cult. :wink:


I think you misunderstood my point. I was just saying that Android doesn’t work well on tablets.


This, of course, can not be an argument, but try to estimate how many Android and Windows tablets have been sold in total :slight_smile:
But my point is: if you have device with small screen it will be better to use Android/iOS because these OSs and their environment have been developed especially for such purposes. But whether you want to play PC games or work, it will be better to have windows a larger screen size. I agreed with you that Windows tablets have more use cases then Android.


No the 5" is way to small for my eyes.


I still feel that we’ve covered most of the tablet market with the V, and that the userbase that cannot use a 12" device because of its “unwieldiness” is too small a target demographic for our next product.
And bringing it down in costs is going to be a challenge, especially with the competitive new iPad at 329$. True, it is nothing compared to a full blown Windows 2in1, but there are many who are satisfied by it.
I think we should jump into another category, but should have enough differentiating features to come out on top.
My two cents.


The point of the Eve V Air is there is a sector of the iPad Pro 9.7" audience (not just the iPad 9.7-inch) and the current 8-inch to 12-inch premium tablet PC market as a whole who would really want a 10-inch Core M tablet, a true premium productivity device without compromise. The point you made can also be made for a 12-inch tablet like the Eve V since there are far lower cost 12-inch alternatives that easily manage the simple tasks that any normal tablet could do ( The fact remains that the majority of tablet owners in the world still purchase 10-inch tablets since the classic iPad form factor has remained the single-most popular form factor.

Right now, I am looking into the matter of increasing the visibility of this thread beyond the current forum membership since this forum is, naturally, over-inflated with 12-inch tablet adherents by default since the vast majority of users here backed the Eve V. In addition, the fact that many of the forum users here just recently purchased a tablet (the Eve V) automatically sharply decreases their likelihood of wanting to purchase a tablet in the near future compared to the world at large. That said, if we could get a more realistic, representative sample of (or “fix” on) users from out in the wild, which I and hopefully others will be working on doing, we would get a better view of just how popular the Eve V Air truly is.


The idea of ~10 inch has been extensively discussed in the community before and the reasons against that form factor were mainly lack of space for large enough battery if other components are kept the same level as 12 inch V. You are also missing the built in kickstand in those reference designs that was deemed essential for truly productive device. Just look at the MS SP3/4 vs. Surface 3 sales figures and it becomes apparent why the original creator of this 2 in 1 segment is pretty cautious and isn’t in a rush to update its 10 inch tablet.

Surface Pro 2 actually was a fully featured with pen and 10" format, but it wasn’t until the 12" SP3 when sales picked up


And even if we could with aid of some strong dark magic and :alien: tech create a comprable 10 inch tablet, here is probably the biggest blow to it - price! The market segment that buys the V or SP4 is cross shopping them against the 13"-14"full productivity premium laptops, so pricing in the $1-2K range is expected and acceptable. People who are shopping for iPads and the like are typically looking for media consumption or light to medium productivity devices that are sold in well under $1K mark. But stuffing all that high-end V hardware into a smaller body would likely make it even more expensive than V.


The main reason many people in the tablet PC community have moved on from the Surface 3 is not a matter of size but of performance constraints. See my comment above: the reason the current majority of the user base here may be skewed in being disinterested in a 10-inch Core M tablet is they are Eve V backers, people who backed a 12-inch tablet, who are naturally more drawn to 12-inch tablets than smaller ones by default and who made a recent tablet purchase and have less of reason to purchase another one soon. Keep in mind that Eve cannot remain sustainable or profitable if it just targets its initial pool of backers but also the entire world of tech users as well. So I will be looking at ways to get this idea within the reach and visibility of non-forum members as well who represent a more realistic sample of tech users at large.


old folks need bigger screens :disappointed:


Old folks can adjust DPI settings finely and precisely on Windows unlike iOS. For old folks, Creators Update greatly improves DPI control as well. :wink:


There is also a market for premium 10-inch tablets or else the iPad Pro 9.7" would not exist in the first place. And contrary to what you say, stuffing the Eve V’s hardware into the Eve V Air would not make it more expensive. How else is the iPad Pro 9.7" less costly to purchase than the 12.9" model unless it actually was less costly to manufacture? In addition, Intel already has the bill of materials for an already functional, fully tested 9.7-inch Core M tablet reference design. Having purchased Chinese tablets before in the past, the ones with 9.7-inch displays with the exact same hardware (note the same hardware, mind you) as 12-inch ones do actually cost less. This is because the sheer volume of 9.7-inch iPads being produced has brought down the economies of scale to a far lower price for a 9.7-inch display versus larger 12-inch displays. In addition, it also helps that a smaller 10-inch Core M tablet uses less physical material (less aluminum and glass) making it a bit cheaper as well.