Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!


I agree, but it’s better to do on a 12-inch tablet, is not it?
And if you can take an 8-inch table with you, you can take a 12-inch tablet (with thin bezels), because both of them (8 and 12 inches) are too large to put them in your pocket.


There was a research study once conducted (I don’t remember where) and it found 10 inches to be the most cognitively comfortable display size for reading information in a book-like manner. I had a 9.7-inch Chinese Windows tablet for a time and I have to strongly agree: I found its display the most natural for web browsing and reading information. Though this is totally anecdotal, information just seemed to flow more naturally and fluidly than with anything smaller or larger which I had used or use.


You just confirm my words. For this kind of work 15-inch laptop is very suitable, as well as a 12-inch tablet.
But the 8-inch tablet will consist of compromises - it is slower / has small battery and, most importantly - it has an uncomfortable keyboard and a small screen.


I like the concept, but the name… I’m thinking Eve T2


That’s a great name and original. Mine was merely a placeholder until we get this idea down pat.


Also wanted to suggest that it runs Android as well (dual boot), I get that the BIOS is unlocked, but having it pre-loaded gives us a choice and more convenient for those who doesn’t want to tinker with it


I agree, it seems to be true. All the e-book readers have the same size. And for reading this device will be very convenient (although the e-book reader is even more convenient). But when you need to put a lot of information on the screen and need a comfortable keyboard with a touchpad - problems begin.


Double yes! A dual-boot device with Android as well might also get far more people interested in this. As far as drivers, though, I don’t think Intel provides Android drivers for Core processors anymore. I could be wrong, but last I remember they just tried it with Broadwell Core M and then up and abandoned it afterward. At least, that is what I recall reading but things could have changed again with Remix OS being such a hit lately.


Ah, yes, I did forgot that since Intel is kind of abandoning the mobile market, only Atoms support Android now… I’ve recently tested a Teclast x16 Power with an x7-Z8750 with 8GB RAM, and it ran Windows (Slight Input Lag) and Android (Smoothly)


It appears Remix OS has no trouble running on Skylake but Kaby Lake is currently having issues. Since Skylake and Kaby Lake are very similar, it should be fixed soon. So a dual-boot Remix OS/Windows 10 setup should be feasible once the slight driver kinks get ironed out.


You don’t want to see that someone else has a different view of things then you.
No, when I travel a 12" is by fare bigger then a 8" and as I said, i very very seldom edit on the machine.

For some time I was even using a Thinkpad 8" Z3795 4GB/128GB machine for development and
I only switched to the Cube Mix Plus because of the convenience of the usb type c connector.
Otherwise I would still be using the Thinkpad.

So stop trying to convince other people that you have the only valid workflow for things.

I hav RemixOS running from an usb stick on my kaby lake mix plus


Original post to-do for edits:
-Change all mentions of 12-hour battery life to 10-hour (after further consideration, this is more accurate); also add the word real to describe battery life in the faux marketing piece
-Change mentioned weight in faux marketing piece from 1.3-pound to 1.4-pound
-Make the “Weight and Size” and “Display” section titles in the specs ALL CAPS


Did they get Kaby Lake working after all in Remix OS? If so, that is great news, especially since it means a dual-boot Android/Windows tablet with these specs is now feasible.


How many hours of battery life would you like on this 10-inch Core M tablet?

  • 10 hours or more
  • 9 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 7 hours

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What sort of operating system configuration would you prefer on this 10-inch Core M tablet?

  • Just Windows
  • Just Android
  • Just Linux
  • Dual-boot: Windows and Android
  • Dual-boot: Windows and Linux
  • Dual-boot: Linux and Android

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Which feature do you believe would be the hardest to implement in this 10-inch Core M tablet?

  • Battery capacity
  • N-trig stylus support
  • Port placement and quantity
  • Quad speakers
  • Adequate processor cooling

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Personally, I don’t think I could get real work done on a tablet that size. As my days consist of reading and reading and reading some more, then writing about that, nothing is more important than being able to fit two documents next to each other and still see more than two lines of text comfortably, which is what I can do on my 15" MacBook. But even then, it feels so tiny when I spend some time back at home from Uni and get to work on an ultrawide monitor, so I don’t think 10" would be even close, as that is not even one page of A4 fully displayed. Also, with the cheapest iPad right now available for about $330, considering all I could ever use the device for was messaging and maybe email, that seems like a good price point.


Which of the following best describes your reason for wanting to buy this 10-inch Core M tablet?

  • iPad replacement: I can finally replace my iPad with something that can also be a workhorse if I need it to
  • Mobile gamer: I can play my favorite PC games on the go in an even smaller, lighter package
  • Eve V companion: I want all the features of the Eve V in an even smaller, lighter package
  • Digital pen support: I want a 10-inch notetaking and/or art-capable device but with support for full Adobe Creative Suite, desktop OneNote, and other advanced pen-supporting desktop programs

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I am surprised the option adequate processor cooling is at the top of the results. As previously noted, Intel already has a perfectly functional, fully tested 10-inch Core M tablet reference design and thermal dissipation is reportedly not an issue at all. But cool (or not so cool). :slight_smile: If this one concern can be addressed with sufficient evidence to demonstrate to everyone that this design is quite feasible with adequate cooling, I think we have a winner on our hands!

EDIT: The results have since flipped to battery size. That I can agree with.


I do like this idea, a smaller V or T2, but I am not to sure if I would buy it mainly because of Windows.
A tablet that size for me needs to be closer to a smartphone concerning apps, and closer to a laptop concerning file structure and browser. However no tablet currently does that, maybe when ChromeOS is coming to tablets. What Windows is missing for me is the same quality of apps the iPad has. Just look at Adobe’s mobile companion apps, things like Medium, YouTube, etc. I know there is the browser for that, but at that size dedicated apps would be preferred.
A mix between Windows and iOS would be incredible. But yeah, got to keep dreaming. :wink: