[Community Workshop] Adding cool features to our community


Hi there!

In the previous discussions we talked about preparing community for growth and implementation of community driven customer service. In this post I would like to kick off the discussion on what features would be nice to have or are a must for our community (for future project or for existing activity levels.) On thing that is clear is that we need to make fewer, clearer, meaningful categories that would be used for various purposes. But before we go there I would like to share with you a list of cool features that I found available in discourse.

  1. Community app!(Can be customized for our community)

  2. Hot filter, sort topics by trending

  3. Start topic via email if you are user

  4. See who is writing a reply

  5. HackerNews /Reddit style site structure

  6. QnA style topics

  7. Vote up posts (can be real cool for the next product selection)

  8. Customized styles bar including fonts and colors.

  9. Live chat function

  10. Who is online plugin

  11. Discourse smartphone notifications app

What do you guys think about plugins above? Feel free to post other cool ideas as well! This is for us to get discussion going.

Which features would you like to see the most?

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A Universal Windows Platform Community App (uwp) for Windows Mobile, HoloLens, Desktop and Xbox would be great.



By the way feature list is full of links so make sure to check those out!


We can create with Xamarin UWP and create one app for Windows 10 and iOS and Android :slight_smile:


Does Discourse now allow to make an app for a community? The linked app works with eve.community, but opens the forum in the browser any way.
Q&A-style topics would be a great addition as well, the other things sound nice to have but are not a must have for me.
However, the formatting has its problems, a.k.a big red texts, visual inconsistencies and better ways to spam ( see OnePlus forums).


That would be a revolutionary step for the industry.
Revolution starts with you.


IMHO 5 & 9 are the more desirable:

5, becasue a big userbase already knows and is familiar on how such layouts work, the current EVE forum is nice and works great, but takes a while to get used to.

9, Very useful when trying to give support to users that have a problem.

The other features are cool too but focusing on having the best chances to appeal to a lot of customers will ensure V to succeed wich in turn will make it possible to have new devices, and all the other points on that list too. (I know, I know, I’m greedy like always.)


I’m astonished how few developers even know they can do this… Maybe there are some limitations but I’m not qualified enough to know if there are any xD at least as a first step it would be awesome :slight_smile:


Can there be an option to choose from the current site structure to reddit style to Q&A depending on what each person prefers/is more suitable to each topic? Or will it be fixed? If it will be fixed I think there should be a poll regarding those changes before proceeding to make them :wink:

And about ‘7. Vote up posts’. I don’t the usefulness at least right now. For a new project we could have polls. Maybe this feature could make it more organized though but I don’t think that is a priority.

Edit: @Konstantinos who would make that app (1.)? If possible, an open-source app made by community + maybe help from Eve and who knows discourse/underdog would be awesome (A Xamarin app would be even better!). Were you thinking on building upon discourse’s app source code or else how would you customise for the community?


I’m not too keen on an app, as I believe web-based has always been the way to go for a “Universal Platform”, but if Eve did decide to build one, it would HAVE to be for ALL current mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows).

I believe time would be better spent on improving this website forum, and believe a “Who is online?” function would be quite useful, if it wasn’t annoying.


I just wonder what’s the use of a “who is online?” function? If some seniors or team members have the site open, they are shown as online and if someone asks a question, he will see it and could start to demand an immediate answer… And that’s the only thing that I see will come out of it. I don’t need to know who’s online, but if I know that the guy is online to whom I addressed the question I’ll get annoyed even though I don’t know, if he’s AFK or not.


My idea of an Eve app would be more of a Eve hub.

  • It would be built using Xamarin and would be open-source. That way community could build it and Eve could provide for some support and direction.
  • It would have two parts: one for Eve V and other Eve product owners and other for entering the community.
  • The owners part would require you to enter some details to be sure you have an Eve product.
  • This part would give you access to software features, some that would be considered bloatware, (Any software you want for the V?), and to the support category on the community (before entering the support category you would be shown the FAQ).
  • Entering the community would be straightforward but maybe we could make a wrapper or something like the discourse app.
  • There too could be an area where Eve would showcase all their products and maybe comparisons with similar devices on the market.


agreed - I leave the window open and logged in all the time.


Of course there are limitations… Such things as notifications, live tiles and so on - basically everything that is platform-dependent is limited or harder to implement.


I said I’m not a developer by no means :wink: anyone knows more than me :joy: