Community, we need to decide on V screen calibration



Hi guys!

This post is about Individual Eve V factory screen calibration. And we need your input!

###What’s this all about?:thinking:

As you know we have a great display on our V (yeah, we are very proud of it :metal: )
It is bright, vibrant and has great resolution. But there is always a but.

We found a way to take our display performance to the next level and make sure that our device would have “one of the most color accurate displays on the market” (that’s what reviewers would say)

We want to calibrate each and every display of assembled product individually at the factory floor. By doing so we would make sure that all the devices leaving the factory floor will have the same color performance and would be ready to be used by professional artists and designers as well as people who appreciate great picture quality out of the box!

We will be able to achieve 100% match to sRGB color standard

It is an expensive and quite labor intensive process but we are ready to do it to make sure that V’s display is not just great but mind-blowing :boom:. Most companies in the market don’t calibrate displays for their products unless it is a professional display they are selling. (Even Macs don’t do it the same we would)

It is easier to show what the difference between calibrated display and non calibrated display is. Typically you would see a color cast on your device colors.

###This is how display looks before screen calibration
<img src="/uploads/eve/original/2X/c/cb70bd663d4485c6424ac8eea36c931555de8b8c.jpg" " height=“350”>
###This is how it looks in the middle of the process

###And this is how it loos after calibration

These are just reference images but they show the point well :slight_smile: I took them from this website. You can read more about calibration here

###Great! Of course let’s do it! Why even ask?

We have approached leading company for screen calibration. Their tools and software are used by professionals worldwide. For example AnandTech uses their software to evaluate all of the devices.
Company is called Portrait Displays and their software is CalMAN

You can read more about them here at their website.

We have already reached out to CalMAN some time ago and calibrated some of our V’s in the office. The difference is very noticeable. You can read about our experience with screen calibration as well as what results we were able to achieve here:

So what’s the catch Konsta???

Basically in order to be able to calibrate the display at the factory we would need to install a client from calibration company that will be used to store color profiles and make sure that they don’t get overridden by Windows/drivers updates or other apps.

This client has no effect on performance or anything else. It’s only purpose is to store individually calibrated color profiles.

We will pay a hefty license fee per each client :money_mouth: but if it is what it takes to get the best color performing display out there we are all for it!

You can read about why it is needed for calibration and how it works at the official website:

Being 100% open and transparent with you guys we wanted to make sure that you are fine with having this app installed on all the devices. We have checked with Microsoft and CalMAN and it is the only possible way to make sure you can keep color calibration we have done.

###So there are 2 options. You get to decide!

  • I want V to have the most color accurate and vibrant display out there and I am fine with having color manager installed
  • I am ok with V having same color performance as other products in the market and I find color cast on display acceptable. I don’t want to have color manager installed

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P.S You can also see the standard that we will be able to achieve here:

Unique ID & display calibration
Community Digest 06.05
Community Digest 28.04

I’m 100% on board with adding the colour manager! I suspect some will not be. Can it be un-installed? That may alleviate some concerns.


I’m all for it, proper colour calibration makes a huge difference. Even when it’s not as noticeable as in the photos above, the difference can be night and day. I know that we all said no bloatware, but in this case I can’t really see why someone would disagree with the decision, as this wouldn’t be the kind of bloatware that makes the computer annoying to use.


For me it depends on, if it can be uninstalled and if it’s possible to get the files back after uninstalling. Like, if I uninstall it, can I also reinstall it and use the same calibration again.


Same opinion here! Once you see color performance you can never go back:)

You can of course uninstal it.

Also there is one more possibility that we could calibrate display with few profiles and let you select them on your own. Like of you prefer different white points or cooler/warmer colors

@SyrtakiVampr, basically calibration files would go to bios and could be retrieved from there.

Unique ID & display calibration

Also, will this info survive a windows reinstall? If not, can the unique calibration file be saved to an external drive and reinstalled after?


Is it possible to apply the calibration setting in the BIOS?

Another option, maybe we could have an ICC profile generated, which can later be imported in Windows.


It will be possible to save it to external drive but we will also save settings in the bios. But you will still need color manager to be installed again to retrieve them


Good idea but we explored it and it will not be possible for production also then it will be very easy to override and loose.

I mean we really have exploered every possible way:)


I’m all for it as well. Many thanks @Konstantinos for your attention to detail on this.


Will the screen calibration get lost (return to “default”) when we uninstall the software?


@mlivesey Konstantinos just added this little bit, so I think it’s safe from reinstalls :wink:

Also, giving my personal 2 cents in here:
I’m personally fine to have the color manager preinstalled, since it’ll be uninstalled like any other software & having a screen calibrated is not “bloatware” for me, but that’s my opinion here :slight_smile:


Having a licensed Programm pre-installed can’t even be called bloatware because it’s not even a shitty test version, which expires or tries to force you into buying the full version.
Furthermore if it’s explained somewhere to the costumer, why this program had to be installed (maybe also in the cards, contained in the packaging), I think that every customer understands this decision.


Why don’t you calibrate and then uninstall that app? Then whoever wants to chabge the colour profile can install the app again (you could have a code for the license for V owners and provide the link of the app to download).

And would this make the V non-signature edition?


The question was will the display still be calibrated if we uninstall the color manager?:sweat_smile:


Sounds great, guys! I definately want a calibrated screen and don’t mind the software one bit. @Team delivers again!!:+1:


We tried to make it work but it’s not possible as it is needed to retrieve and enforce color profiles. So in case you delete it settings would be gone.
But if you install it they come back in.


Well, in that case , if you really wanted to retain the “no bloatware” moniker, could you just uninstall it, with an explanation of how to reinstall it included in the box?


That is possible but I guess many users would not even notice one of many pieces of paper :slight_smile: the easiest solution is to have it and then make it possible to uninstal for people who want to!


It would also harm the V’s out of the box experience when you first have to install a custom Programm to unfold the displays full potential.