Community update 30.08


Yo what the hell is going on.

It’s a week past the “conservative estimate”, additionally being reassured throughout the month that the estimate was accurate, and @Konstantinos can’t even bother to provide to talk to this community?!

This ENTIRE eve project was based around the idea of this being a community oriented project. This is getting absolutely absurd!!


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What the hell is going on?

@Konstantinos is a week late past his self-stated “conservative estimate”. Additionally, he gave reassurance throughout the month that everything was going according to plan and to not expect delays.

Unsurprisingly, @Konstantinos lied to us. Again. This entire ordeal has been such a breach of trust that I don’t wish to carry for an entire year.

So… what now? @Konstantinos doesn’t even bother to give a fake update this week (which is barely an acceptable minimum considering eve is illegally holding up refunds).

What the hell is this community supposed to do? Just keep waiting and twiddling our thumbs?


It is going to be any new news today (Friday)? 9 days till last…