Community update 30.08


I cancelled my order through Eve/Fortress and haven’t heard anything since. I guess you can tell it’s been cancelled when you stop getting “update” newsletters regarding order fulfilment.


I bought the Eve on january 30th, are this ones going to be send it too?

Any new news??


Give us some tracking numbers!!!


I think so too. End of September should be the deadline because you said so. Not when every order is finished. You have to give the people (who were waiting for 7 months) their money back.


Well here we are in September, and there’s been no further word on anything resembling a timetable. That’s SOP at this stage, but what concerns me most is the implication that those who didn’t cancel orders and ask for refunds are shunted to the end of the line. REMEMBER that many of us ‘kept the faith’ for the better part of seven months before the situation unravelled this past June.

I do empathize with your struggles, but we all have our own. Mine is ensuring that my early-adopter teenage daughter (which the EVE experience has soured) has a computer for THIS school year. Please update the refund schedule ASAP. Thank you.


Tempted to consult a debt collector agency at this point


This really look bad as in another 3mths coming to a year for backlog orders. Are they serious? :thinking:


It’s been over 9 months.

Are we ever going to see all our tablets?
Are we ever going to get our refunds?

I want to believe.
I believed for so many months.
But this all just feels like a con.


Call me crazy, but I predict further missed deadlines and unkept promises from Eve Tech. Just a gut feeling.


I love that EVE has broken so many promises that they don’t even bother to provide a timetable after breaking the last.

We’re literally just sitting around clicking in the forum every day hoping for something…

We remember your choice and will make sure to compensate and reward you over time.

Yo, @Konstantinos, please stop saying words that you never take action on. It’s really frustrating listening to you straight lying because you never back up your words with action or anything tangible.


how’d you know I was doing that?? u stalking me or sum sht???


The EVE Saga: starring @Konstantinos & us backers as Lucy and Charlie.


We have matching HP Pavillion 17" which are, I think, 8 or 9 years old. Now mine did just die, but I didn’t use a cooling fan as religiously as my wife who’s Pav 17" is still going strong. We did upgrade to SSD’s a few years ago and put a new fan in mine 5 years ago, but other than that, nothing has been done to them. I know not everybody has good luck with any one brand, but I’ve owned HP laptops for 20 years and have had great luck. I don’t buy AMD chopped ones though I don’t know if that makes a diff or not. I’ve even had good luck with the last 3 HP printers we owned though I rarely ever update them. Just my experience though.


The store no longer knows my mail adress. anyone else? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I had to reset my password yesterday.
After that, it’s working again.


I have had an email to reactivate my account, any reason as to why?

Any update on whether production has started again yet?


Something else happened to me that has restored faith in waiting,

kick-started a Bluetooth adaptor, and after a year and a half of waiting it has turned up, and is exactly how it was advertised, ( if anyone is interested it was a Jack by podo labs)

it has helped the wait for the V but by all means it has not made me stop worrying i will never get it


That may because the website want to keep you password changed regularly, make sure its safety. My school website also does this sort of things.


@Konstantinos How’s it going, has the

started up yet? Spend a little bit time with our poor waiting customers, please?


For some reason I didn’t need to change my password though? Just clucking the link in the email was sufficient enough which I just found slightly odd.