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Suppilers, payment processors, etc withheld Eve’s funds first. What would you have them do? They can’t just make more money appear. Refunds have been withheld because they got backed into a corner, not because they wanted to or thought it was a good choice.


I agree with you. But this isn’t an uncommon practice, and at some point, they have to take responsibility for failures in preparation. From what I understand, funds were also held in reserve during the IGG campaign, so a prudent business would have secured capital or otherwise accounted for this. Why not sell a limited run, deliver them, get on good standing with the processors, and then take open orders? Instead, Eve had multiple flash sales in a month without proving their ability to deliver the first flash sale batch.

Yes, I agree that they’re backed in a corner now, so all this debate is academic. At least they’re trying to pull through rather than close up shop, but eventually they’ll need to take a bit more responsibility rather than hiding behind “we’re just the little guy being bullied by the big players.”

On the flip side, as it sounds like some customers were able to actually receive refunds from PayPal or whatever and Eve does not have the funds to make their customers whole, this practice may actually be justified (although we could argue the balance of greed versus covering your losses).


Most of initial flash sales were even before they delivered HEB and LEB devices (paid more than year ago and with multiple delays) - not good sign for PayPal and credit card processors …


There’s no evidence (that I’m aware of) that the 65% claim is true, and there is a vast cannon of what could charitably be called ‘inaccurate’ updates from Eve. It’s really not unreasonable to doubt their good faith on this, given their usain bolt like streak of missed deadlines and breached promises.

They didn’t remain silent. They teased that an investor was imminent at the start of the month, and have since rehashed the same update that they’ve been giving since early 2017 (no shipping date yet, sorry, Eve team working super hard, sorry, this community is awesome, sorry).

This has not been my experience. They engage with people before money has changed hands. Eve’s engagement with the large number of people who have paid for their product and either not received it, or received a defective unit would shame AT&T/Ryanair/$facelessmegacorp.

Apologies if it seems like I’m picking a row with you Smyler - that’s absolutely not my intention. But I fundamentally disagree with your assessment of Eve’s communication with and treatment of their customers. This is a multi million dollar company that can’t replace DOA units. They’re not avant garde disruptors of the monolithic laptop market - they’re just bad at making and delivering laptops.


…somebody doesn’t understand NDAs.


Top man wickedly. You clearly understand what ‘silent’ means so it’s a thrill to get your feedback.


yet there is NO evidence to proof the shipment. Konsta can simply LIE about fulfilling the order.
what we need is FACT. Without one, then you are simply bull shitting people.
by saying, they are bounded by the agreement is simply a sorry ass excuse to prolong the problems.

DO YOU HAVE ANY EVIDENCE TO BACK UP UR CLAIM? the answer is simply like nawthor saying " i am a part time and living abroad blah blah…"
hence, Eve is just another company claiming want to revolutionize the industry by lying off other people money.

please DONT act smart if you dont have solid concrete evidence. (and please dont come to the fan or not fan argument. I was ONCE very excited about the V until they lied on JUNE).


well… good luck received our outdated device…
i owned Envy 17, envy 13 and another HP laptop. they work great aside from the thermal issue which is they are known for. So, no gaming on HP, after that, everything is good.

you should probably do some research on your printer driver dude… only stick with brother or fuji xerox laser printer, DONT buy hp printer… they are suck and unreliable.


The HP is now out of our house, don’t even try to fix it anymore (tried really a lot)
We have a great Epson printer and it’s working beautiful.


Just for your information, epson hp cannon are facing class action lawsuit in us and in Europe because they put a counter on the chip of their system to not print a certain number of pages. After that they don’t print anything


Oke Thanks for the info! It seems our Epson keeps on printing, even when the small black cartrigde which came with the printer when we bought it, started to loose deep black. Maybe its corrected with the last software update because off the lawsuit.


Not so sure. Anyway there is enough documentaries on the subject on YouTube if you are interested. And the problem is that they don’t use all the product in the cartridge and there is demonstrated abuses of this process to make a business model out of it


@Konstantinos, End of September is the time frame for our refunds! Mid October would be OK too.

Now ,there are further conditions and massive delay until November I guess with dependencies of fully ship orders and replacements?

Eve secured a funding and is obliged to serve its customers equally fast with product delivery as well as refunds at same time, not when one has finished then next …


It looks to me as an “I see light at the end of the tunnel” situation.
Definitely better than nothing, but still not really out of the tunnel.
In this situation it is probably a bit early to tell them how to proceed.


Be careful what you wish for … lights in tunnel could be an incoming freight train.


it can be used both ways, either you die when you go to the light or you awake.


Well, we may have to use our ears too:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, to provide some follow-up refunds.

I contacted Eve support to ask why I was receiving emails about the status of my orders rather than the status of my refunds.

The response was that they could not see that I had filled out the cancellation form…

I had already filled it out.

So I have filled out the form again. I don’t know how you are supposed to know if the order is definitely cancelled and what other people are experiencing?


I cancelled direct via PayPal and had my money back after 2 weeks. I also contacted my credit card (American Express) for good measure but their timeframe was 6 weeks - maybe try PayPal if that’s how you paid?

Btw I checked the build quality of the Microsoft surface and it was average compared to the surface laptop IMO - bought one of those with the money and got a decent discount regardless.

Common Eve - stop with the delays.

Maybe don’t accept new orders until you can actually fulfill them… immediately.


I actually don’t think they should be taking orders considering how most people from the flash sales last December are still waiting for their V but that’s their decision, but I guess it makes their bank balance look better to their creditors and made it a more attractive business to invest in for investors.