Community update 30.08


There’s a literal thread about this compensation if your words actually meant anything. But just like this update, everything @Konstantinos says is a bait and switch. I’m blown away any investor would believe a thing he says.

Absolutely incredible. This team is an absolute disgrace. Their word is absolutely worthless and we’re forced to keep hoping and hoping, believing their last promise will be the one that sticks.

Can’t say I’m surprised, but this is tiring.

Also when you ship the items, will eve pay for expedited shipping? Even though eve said they’d make compensations, eve will not, because eve’s words are worthless.


I am so thoroughly disappointed with this company. I kept holding out and now unfortunately it is beyond clear that the company cannot keep their word. In fact there has been no mention of the refunds that Eve stated would be available in September.

Until now I felt that the price savings would warrant the delays and lack of good customer service but now see why Apple has become a trillion dollar company- quality products with excellent customer service. Granted you pay dearly for it but in the end you get what you pay for.

As for Eve yes there is a drastic difference in cost but we are not talking about a couple hundred dollars but in my case $1700+ for the computer and accessories. This is not a drop in the bucket but a substantial amount of money for, at this point, vaporware.

Now even if I do receive my computer I will return it straight away for a full refund and put the money behind a company I trust will deliver a quality product that I know will last me years the way every Apple product has since my first Macintosh II back in the day.

Eve I wish you all the best of luck but your lack of control of a company is poor at best. Too many investors? What about all the people your brilliant marketing team has convinced to fork over large sums of money? The lack of consideration for the people that actually put you on the map is a slap across the face to us and bordering on illegal. Years ago when Apple was failing Microsoft actually poured substantial funds into the company to keep them afloat and now look what they have become! Pride and ego were removed from the equation to do the right thing for ALL parties.

Please step back and consider the bigger picture in the mess you have created for your company and your supporters.


I have not received the newsletter.
I checked through my inbox and junk box (which I check every day in hopes of getting some kind of news from Eve)

Could it be because I requested a refund?
Or did something go wrong again?


If you refer to this, I hope it helps @IsaacB


I asked for a refund in order to avoid needing to wait and face further delays. Looks like for my refund I need to wait due to further delays.


I guess it either hasn’t been sent, or it really is just because I’m no longer getting a V.

Though I think someone said that they had asked for a refund and still got the newsletter… Maybe I misinterpreted.


And by the looks of things, even more delays than if you had decided to keep it :stuck_out_tongue:


man… it seems they don’t respect their own word…another delay… filed for refund, but no responds so far…

with so many BETTER CHOICE NOW, why would anyone stick with getting the V.

I already pre orderred HP X360 Spectre 15 inch and it’s already on its way. in 2 weeks!!!


It simply sucks - not a very produktiv statement but it helps to vent my frustration . PLEASE come up with REAL delivery timeline - no more words


@Konstantinos you’ve missed another self-imposed deadline and you haven’t provided ANY details that we can hold you accountable by.

How many devices have been shipped since you last said 40% remained unshipped? How many more are left to be shipped?


That seems dumb. Since im waiting for my money.


again, their claim of 65% delivery is definately another one of their lies…


@Konstantinos Oh you

it feels like the same old story , the same old song and dance, my friend.


No HP in my house anymore, they totally messed up our HP printer with an update once and it never worked proper again. They never communicated, hope you will be lucky with your laptop. I’ll stick to Eve, I will get my V!


Im speechless now.
I canceled september refund thinking eve is going to come in august.
Since it doesnt, i hope you guys are doing great.

I even forgot that i ordered in december.


Time is running. I really want my money back until the end of september guys. I trusted you for so long but that is just too much. You cant announce an investor for weeks but never publish anything serious about it.


It might feel that way because most of the people posting lately are still waiting but there are plenty of people who did get their Vs already and are no longer active in the community. I’ve seen no real evidence that the 65% claim is false.

Yes they can because they have to. They are legally bound by NDAs to remain silent. If they could say more they would. Eve’s history has been one of engaging directly with their customers way more than many companies are willing to.


And this has been key in Eve’s ability to string its customers along with “just one more month” for longer than many companies would be willing to. Withholding refunds for a product you’ve been unable to deliver for 6+ months is simply unheard of, and it’s apparent that issues with operations and in-line QC (if they even do in-line QC) still need ironed out.

Eve thought they could run the 110 m hurdles shortly after learning to walk, and they fell off the line. I just feel bad that now they’re dragging their customers (not IGG backers) along the track with them.


Hello, my name is @Konstantinos I shall give you an update that confirms nothing and then stop responding as usual because I am a good honest human that cares about my customers and people in general.

I think that’s what I read isn’t it? Or did something get lost in translation?


I’m now at the stage where it would be nice to know how many v’s are shipped per day, as even though i have not waited since December for a flash sale user but if i have not received my V within my Paypal buyer protection i am not confident that i would ever, im hoping it does though