Community update 30.08


Dear community,

Checking in from the front lines. We have been preparing everything for the shipping this week. We have audited our warehouse and all of the components. It took a while since we made a mass checkup upon receiving all of the components. Originally some time passed and things got moved around in the warehouse. We also needed to ensure the quality of the components.

There is a pushback in the shipping schedule, as we previously aimed to ship during August, but we are finally moving at a very good pace towards shipping Vs out. I am sorry for not having a 100% concrete timeline right now, but we are working on it and will keep you posted. We need to finish warehouse auditing, then we will start the mass production. We will keep you posted on the progress.

We also remember about the full investor announcement we promised. It will be published as soon as we have approval.

We will send out today a newsletter about the situation to those customers who are waiting for their V.

Since our investors want to see progress with other things, as soon as shipping resumes we will be continuing the discussion on project B (the backpack) as well.

I am sorry for not providing tracking info just yet, but we are getting there now. I know we said this phrase before many times but now we have finally advanced far enough with suppliers and investors that there is full confidence on this near term plan!

We will prioritize customer shipments and warranty cases. We will also go on with issuing the refunds as all of the orders and replacement are shipped out. We truly appreciate folks who decided to keep their V orders. We remember your choice and will make sure to compensate and reward you over time.

Community update 22.08
Suggestions for compensation for delayed (Flash Sale) customers
Weekly Update 19.10

Starting to get used to it.


Got an email detailing and kinda expected… Another delay ranging from the next few days to next couple weeks…

Come on, I had originally intended for the V to accompany me at work and my upcoming long holiday in mid October. At least give me the chance to use it during my long holiday


Thanks for the update. This means the priority is this:

  1. Shipping remaining Vs
  2. Warrenty cases
  3. refunds

Just to understand: you will first start refunds after the other two groups (shipping, warrenty) are completely finished?


I was fine with a delay after January, and all the others delays…and i was stupid enough to think it will be shipped this time. How much longer do we have to wait? And what does weeks mean? Now there isnt even a month given…


Could you @Konstantinos please explain why the refunds - since I thought you once had said that they’re not effected by the funds freeze - are issued last in this procedure.
And you also assured your - former - customers that they will receive their refunds in September. But now with this ‘new and unforeseen’ delay will that result in further delays of the refunds as well?
Off that is the case could you please explain why that would occur?


I requested a refund; I received the email today about the further delay in shipping; and the estimated shipping for my orders had been updated to September.


Are refund requests being taken seriously?


You should have to look this, though you won’t reply

I don’t think end of August you can ship all of Vs as you just post the update say you just be invested… and a lot of us should have the preparation for this.

BUT it’s really hard to tell the truth like “Sorry but this should have to wait to Sep” rather than another excuse for your wrong shipping estimation, remember you say it’s “conservative estimation”, now it dead, you are losing belief from customers.

I can’t remember how many times you apology to us, it’s nothing to do with whether we accept it, you should have something physical action to compensate for those who wait shipping/support (Forget that coupon… not interesting at all) for such incredible long time

Anyway, I hope all of Vs can be shipped in follow months and the support issues can be fixed. They are much more IMPORTANT than just start project B or CDEF whatever


Your news letter had no other news, it was almost an identical copy of the previous news letter. It didn’t even state the obvious that we are going to have to wait for a device that we paid a premium price to receive, and by the time we receive it, a second hand surface pro 6 will be available. I know that device has not been built yet, but I will only believe that I will get my device when you start giving us specific information. You have not done that here.


As a student going back to university next week, this is very unfortunate. Not sure what I’m gonna be using for school… I also have a couple questions:

  • If I recall the August-shipping dates were very “conservative” to avoid exactly this (pushing the shipping date once again). How was the time of the audit so grossly miscalculated?

  • Are there plans to repair the Eve company image? I know I personally would never buy another Eve product (and not due to lack of quality, cause I wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I think a lot of the user base is in a similar position. Additionally, if new users do a quick search on the company, they probably won’t be finding positive reviews after this shipping catastrophe.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands in my V soon (maybe even before school really picks up) and as unfortunate as this whole situation is, I am of course wishing you and your team the best of luck to ship out Vs!


Thanks for the Update, lets hope the sipping will be finished the next weeks (till like mid. of Sep).
So we can finally all close this sad storry about delays and looking forward for new things


Quote from Update 16.03.18

“The first devices are already through quality control, and so far we haven’t run into any of the issues of previous production runs. Everything is going according to plan, and Vs will start shipping out again soon. Web store buyers (including flash sales) should receive an e-mail update about what’s happening with their order in a few days.”

How did we end up here?

I want my refund until the end of September. I know it is already too late, but I definitely will contact my bank. This is just crazy.


Seeing as how you can’t give customers who ordered in Dec '17 a concrete shipping date, I would be eager to hear how you can justify advertising ‘estimated September shipping’ on the V purchase page.


Does that mean that there is a chance of getting my refund?

I have been waiting since January!



What is going on where I’m not interested your endless excuses undeliverable product I need immediate refund u r busy running to make quick money rather than care for delivery and product improvement. So I’m asking how fast I should get my money back tnx


I feel like I’m generally pretty patient and upbeat about most things but even I’m starting to find my patience being tested due to delay after delay.


Another delay??? Nooooo, I didn’t see that coming!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


As someone who was already expecting this delay, I don’t mind it as long as we know that progress is being made. Looking forward to finally holding the device in my hand. <3


Exactly my thoughts. It’s not like the last delays, now there’s actually something happening directly on the assembly factory. Let’s hope nothing major happen in there that could delay the shipping again…


shipping partner huehuehue