Community update 22.08


Almost September…

In my guess, EVE says estimates shipping August is just ‘Preparation for shipping’, which means actually the shipping will take place in Sep or later.

EVE should complete orders for Dec 4th FS first, and I wish mine in Jan 30th will be fulfilled soon. Hope EVE can ship everyone’s V and accessories before it get “Birthday”:joy:


Why do we need to wait for a refund. A bank transfer should be faster than shipping a product promised to us in Jan/Feb. Why the hold up? @Konstantinos


No liquidity…
Also If you read btw. The lines they rather prefer to ship out units than to fulfill the refunds. Imo.

Refund “comming soon TM” <.<


Did they stated September 2018 or just September?


Yeah, you should totally record everything!

because just scrolling back on the eve official- announcements category and all the delays that are recorded there is just too easy.

Hard mode 4 lyfe.


I think at the moment they still have the plan to ship all remaining devices by the end of August, this seems very ambitious now considering there’s just over 2 days left in the month.


Two Days left! I’m counting down the minutes can’t wait for the next update! Feeling VERY grateful that I’m not part of the first batch, hopefully my unit will be without some of the issues other people had. Can’t wait to get this unit into my workflow.


Ok now we are getting last gen product as the AMBER LAKE was announced yesterday. I am OK with that, although I am a bit angered that it took this long, and I feel like when they put August Ship date on my order status they really meant 23:59:59 8-31-18. I know I am being negative but so is a 7 month delay with little or no updates in the last 5 months. Please ensure that shipments are made in the next two days.


I think I didn’t quite understand your first phrase mate


The processor is no longer the newest offering, I suspect the hard drive and the other components will be outdated before the end of the year. This device when designed was cutting edge, and now, it isn’t Two more days until announcement, hopefully we will see a delivery.


Mmmh now I understand yeah ok. Well the ssd will be the same as good. Because the 970 pro which I have , have exactly the same controller.

But yeah you are right for the cpu and I’m upset too about that


Me too. I’m a bit scared, though.


@Konstantinos I am happy that you are happy but do you even care about me anymore?

No refund still, no communication, no love.