Community update 22.08


Now this is the kind of update I like to see! :smiley:


Amazing news! Hope that those would have been disappointed to date will get their problems solved and I’m very excited to hear more soon about where eve is going!


Amazing news. Finally glad to see the Team is getting over their challenges, just as the repairs for my V is near completion (awaiting dispatch from factory)


Good news indeed. I’m glad that you turned down the Chinese offer and exited to hear the rest of the story! I hope those who have been waiting will have an end to their woes soon and the recent months of stagnation can be left in the past. Looking forward to next update!


Great news for sure. I’m glad to hear it. I hope we can hear more about the mentors’ roles too.


Don’t forget refunds my dude


Absolutely right.

It is September soon and I want my money back. You remember? The money I gave you 9 months ago … It is just really disappointing and I only wish, I will get some of it back.


All of it back. They technically breached contract with all the delays and we have grounds to sue, unless they do follow through with refunds soon.


actually we already have grounds. I havent filed anything, but I have had a discussion with a lawyer.


No way to get it back by the Paypall / creditcard way?


PayPal buyer protection only lasts for 180 days, and after that they don’t care.
Some credit card or bank companies may care more, but I imagine it would depend on the company.

Anyone who ordered a V through the flash sale is out of luck unless Eve follows through on shipping/refunds.


@Konstantinos thank you for the update. Also thank you for putting something out for the past few weeks as promised even if there wasn’t much to say. I hope you understand how important that is for all of your costumers/community.
Its great to hear the investor acquisition portion of EVEs life is complete and you will be able to focus on the community development and product shipment portions of the business.

I personally do not need to know some of the answers to questions asked but there are quite a few people who have questions they need answered. It would probably be a good use of one of the team members time to get some comprehensive information to the community (refunds, repairs/replacements, compensations, etc).
I do believe that EVE-Tech does have a bright future as long as it remembers it is community based and focuses on what the community needs.

Thanks Again!


Dear @jollygrin,

I’m with you… I bought my V back in December 4th and it’s really hard not to be p**sed with the lack of feedback or news about the deliveries…

I did give them my confidence not going through the refund they offered… but been realistic we are receiving an outdated piece of hardware at the end with and old architecture… I don’t know if they are really going to compensate our patience…


Only three days left. Will we be disappointed again?


Nine months is about time to give birth to this baby…


Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer for our V, I fully expect we’ll be looking at the middle of September as an earliest delivery date considering September is pretty much here though.

Saying that hopefully we’ll get another update shorty with more info on shipment dates etc.


Oh… I assume we will see the next delay


I assume Konsta would’nt be in China if not to oversee a massive production badge


Thank you for the update. I am glad things seem to be moving forward and this was a good update for us. I hope my V, as well as everyone else’, comes soon. Being without a laptop has been tough. Using my phone and little Samsung tablet for a computer has been eye-opening for sure! I’m hanging in there like the rest of us hold-ours hoping it all works out and keeping our fingers crossed that the investor issue resolves and our V’s come home. LOL
Thanks for updating us. Will each of us get a tracking my number emailed to us? I hope so as here it can get to 42-45 degrees Celsius on our front porch killing some tech stuff if it sits out in the heat too long. Here if you are not at home they just leave stuff on the porch many times not in any shade!
Good luck in China! I hope to go there someday.
Arizona, USA


In December it will be a year since I placed the order and paid for the unit - full price US! Imagine my lack of trust at this point. I should have made images of all the promises of delivery!

What would impress me is the following:

Status of my order
At what stage is it in the production chain
A date certain for shipping the computer
And if none of these items can be provided:
Refund process
Processing time
Who is actually providing the refund

To not even get anything which resembles a process for an order placement is unacceptable. I do not know any business retail or otherwise which operates like this. Except for scams. So which are you?

Not holding my breath for any real information - I don’t need anymore promises,