Community Update 02.12.19


@Helios can you check in with the team when there will be an update?


Hi, I can confirm that. After checking with support it seems the ones we ordered “non standard” elements (in my case a German keyboard), we are still in the waiting list…


I’ve been poking support monthly. Doesn’t help. Just receive sorry for inconvenience answers. Even Konstantinos promised to look at it a week ago. I just am in a stage of not caring about my expensive and useless piece of junk now. I’m carrying my old and heavy laptop with me again, because it’s doing a better job at editing big PS files anyway. V sucks at that a lot. It barely can handle updating canvas of big files with multiple layers.


Apparently my replacement keyboard is on its way.
Support was very “on time”: answered within 12 hours.


I certainly already asked you this but which problems do you have ?


Hi guys - It’s been a long wait but finally typing this message on my very own V today. Very happy with my device. It’s unfortunate that the time from order placed to delivery was so long but definitely worth it and I am glad I was patient. It also seems that the team has overcome significant hurdles in their supply chain. The last few days were extremely pleasant in terms of dealing with the support team and @Konstantinos. Thanks for a great product. Hope the Eve V team applies their lessons learnt in their future endeavors. I can not wait to see what they have up their sleeves next.


Where can i say: “Thank you” for the replacement keyboard? I am now able to work with the eve. Incredible!!!


Just in case you thought I was an Eve tech employee, I’m not.
You can say “thank you” in the weekly update thread, send the support a nice email or go to r/evev and write a post.
I wouldn’t advise writing on the reddit sub tho. You’ll be branded a payed actor lol.


Yeah, i was to stupid for the forum system and answered to your reply. Lul…


Hey All, just wanted to say I finally got my V and it is AWESOME!! Unboxing experience was so nice that I ended up Packing it back up and unpacking it again once I got home lol. Its been a long wait but totally worth it. The V runs perfectly. Display is remarkably bright, perfect for watching content. Updates took an a couple hours but all good. I actually use the pen more than the trackpad but both very responsive. Still a fair bit to test out but loving it. Only complaint is this charger buzzing when I plug the V into it but I think its a one off thing but leaving it with support. Overall great experience thus far :smile: #DecFlashSale2017


Buzzing charging has been an issue since beta tests. I thought they figure it out. Bad news.

if you only charge the V battery is a small problem. When you use the V as a mobile mini-pc stationery and it buzzes a full day then it is a big problem.


I tested it again last night and found 8/10 the buzzing would occur and last between 10-25 seconds. After this time the V would begin charging like a normal device. Not gonna lie I was worried about using it on my V but thought it would be best to test it. I’ve ordered a spare to be on the safe side :slight_smile:


Konsta PM’d me the day after I posted that message and then dug around for the hold up, after a few days the device is now due to arrive at my door.


Are they shipping now? If I was to order now how long is the wait time?


I ordered last week and V arrived - at a neighbour - so I do not have it in my hands yet…

EDIT: Neighbour brought my second V - now everything updated and ready to use by my wife :wink:


Anyone know when the i7 variant will be restocked? Doesn’t seem to be any info on the site


I’ve noticed that in Eve shop, you can no longer buy another keyboard. Anyone got news on when they’ll be in stock again?


They were de-stocking keyboards lately.
I’m quite sure we’ll have to wait for an other production batch, if it ever happens. And because they had so much problems with them, I’m guessing they also had to redesign them, the interior at least (but that’s only my guess).


Yep, I got it recently.

No problems whatsoever.

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