Community Update 02.12.19


or, they could contact our support team directly through the contact form on our support page, and then I don’t have to send them a message telling them to do just that…

As for 1809, as far as I know the Vs currently being shipped do not yet have it pre-installed, but I’ll definitely be pushing to have production use a new image with updates to Windows and drivers already in there…


Literally did just that yesterday after hearing nothing and got the ‘thank you, sorry and stay tuned’ response back.


And that may be the case for other people as well. And others might get better news. It varies case by case, which is why it’s best if people contact support where they will learn what applies to their case.

Still, sorry to hear that you’re still waiting, I hope they get back to you soon!


@Helios yup I understand your frustration. It was also in the way to achieve to take back the discussion here in place of reddit. Did you look what is on the subreddit right now? It’s not very pretty.

Anyway, about the 1809, I know that it’s not the windows image we are greeting now since I did not get that version. But I wanted to know if anyone who got his V recently, did they have the opportunity to download 1809 through windows updates or not? Because I don’t and the rollout of 1809 is activated since 18 Jan.


1809 update installed correctly last week.


Any news on updated drivers and firmware?


Thanks @AML it’s only installing now. So the machine learning system is deciding case by case then.


@Helios I can only concur with @kaum. It’s really disturbing to not being able to launch any 64 VM or install docker because of the lack of support of vt-d. Especially when the CPU supports it. So that would be great an update on that, and a little push maybe?
Besides that, we still needs updates for the different breach from Intel…


= correct

Verzonden vanaf mijn Windows 10-apparaat


Not much happened with our suppliers and manufacturers over Chinese New Year, as we had stated in the front page community update. Things are being worked on and we will of course announce it as soon as updates are available.


You do know that those updates are long due right? Normally those suppliers should already have them ready for a long time now. Especially for the vt-x or vmx sets of instructions and vt-d and about a year for the spectre and met down mitigations+ the sgx breach and the ME update of they is one on the motherboard, I didn’t study the subject.

But yeah we have to wait I guess.


I had a similar issue with my Surface 6 I just got the other day. It would not update to 1809. I ended up going here and downloading the update that way.
Microsoft had a deal I could not refuse. i5 8th gen, 8gb ram, 128gb, and type cover for $799. That is a $300 discount. When I ordered an Eve a year ago, I ordered i7, 16, 256, for $1699. I did a cc chargeback in June and never regretted that choice. Though the ram and ssd are smaller, I am confident I have a better device at a better price. I also know I will be getting regular updates. It will be interesting to see if V owners get anything besides standard windows updates.


Well most of the time you just need to wait.


Hi y’all. I receiver my V yesterday (i7-16-512, FFS). She looks great! After all i’m happy!
Good luck to those who are still waiting!!


no problems with 1803. The V did it through the (a lot of) windows updates. Nearly automatically. Well, it asked me if it could begin with them :grinning: … (have pro not home)
But, do you really mean 1809??? I think it was 1709 and then 1803, right?


Fun fact: The numbers simply indicate the release date: 1709 - 09/2017, 1803 - 03/2018, etc. Next version should be 1903 or something like that


Yes it was 1809 which was post october release to resolve différent bugs.
1903 is due in april


We have 1803 on all our devices… :roll_eyes:


Well now I have 1809 on all my devices :slight_smile:


So I did receive mine (hers) about a week ago. Seems to work fine, everything came just like everyone else’s pictures. I haven’t really played with it a whole lot yet so I don’t really have a review at this point.

I still have a friend that ordered one a bout a minute before mine was ordered and he has not received an email or anything on his yet. So I know there are still some early 12/04/2017 flash sale buyers waiting.