Community Update 02.12.19


No hate post from me…thanks for the great post and I couldn’t have said it any better myself…so I won’t…LOL!


@Konstantinos if I am to be honest, I watched the presentation of the OnePlus 6T with bated breath. They said they had something important to present, not only the phone. I was really hoping that OnePlus is an investor. The philosophy of both brands is similar.


@Artur_Jedrzejewski Well I certainly wouldn’t wanted to^^ one member of the Chinese consortium for the XI jing Ping about his new policy for 2025 and 2049. No thank you sir ^^


It’s coming, bmagness! Like you I waited for over a year and gave up hope more than once, but one day it actually arrived. You’ll get that shipping email soon.


@Konstantinos I want to order a second V now but no German keyboard is available. Looks like only items in stock are for sale. Any news when sale is open for Vs to be manufactured again?


My new keyboard as arrived! Thanks so much @Konstantinos! You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to see what comes next!


That would also be my question.
Now it seem that Eve is back up and running, what about new orders ? What delay is to be expected for a new V ?


If you’re looking for a different keyboard layout, there may be a chance to snag one by contacting our support team through the contact form on our support page. Can’t guarantee it’ll be available, but it might be!


No German keyboards available sadly


@Konstantinos I know that “front-page big info” is a big info but you should continue “news section” weekly. Do you have any info about software updates?


Ordered Eve V Friday, arrived today…


Holy shit! This sure is a step up from waiting 1 year, 1 month and 1 day as I did… Congrats :smile:


This one is my second one…
First one is a year old and I waited a year to arrive to


But I’m still waiting. What a shame. I’ve been telling everyone how good of a company it is. People are buying new ones, but replacements are ignored.


What are the specs of the model you’re waiting on? There seems to be issues with both the 1TB SSD models and some keyboards (specifically the german one).

If you look at the website you’ll notice that they only offer three models now.


I have a normal top one i7 16Gb 512SSD. I didn’t opt in 1Tb that time, since I didn’t want to wait more. No fancy kb, they didn’t made Russian, so it’s usual US international.


Then I’d say definitely contact support.


Congratulations: You have now an average of 6½ months and ½ day waiting time, better than all of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thinking: :joy:


It would be great to have more people who didnt receive their V yet to show themselves here. Just in case support did forget someone.

Did anybody who receive their V recently, have receives the 1809 windows 10 update ?


I opted to wait for the 1TB SSD version and still waiting.