Community Update 02.12.19


Only the inappropriate ones <3


Just for clarification, will refund updates be done solely via email or can we still expect updates in the update threads?


Information about refund status (and all other order-related things) will be relayed directly to those affected by the support team. Support will take care of existing customers; the community team will be looking forward, to crowd-development and future projects.


Cheers, I did email support to make sure my email is on the list as I seemed to miss out on a couple of the refund updates so should be good on all fronts now.


Congratulations to Eve Tech on these new developments.

Is PCH International a partner to Eve Tech in the manner that Fed Ex is a partner to my company, or are they actually invested in Eve Tech?

The off-topic topic

FYI for people that have not received emails yet please do contact support.
I found that with mine (Dec 4 2017 order) there was a problem and support cancelled and reordered it. I have received the shipping address confirmation email. It requests confirming the shipping address and has you fill out a surveymonkey survey. You provide order info and email info and confirm the shipping info is correct. This confirmation email for me came from
Both orders do show up in your account still.


we can still talk about our experiences with Eve devices and give advices etc? I mean without complaints… I really liked the community about their different experiences with different softwares etc…


Yes absolutely! I enjoy this part too. If it’s a bad experience it’s an improvement for our future product, when experiences are positive team is happy. Experiences can be good or bad. The key is to follow guidelines and not discuss support related questions in the community.


I for one am glad that the forum can now look forward to discussing new products, software and firmware updates or issues. I’m afraid as well intended as they probably are too many here are just beating a dead horse just to hear themselves talk. Did people here think everything could be fixed in a week? Of course it takes time and problems creep up that get ironed out, but why drone on and on about it? Eve hasn’t walked away, they have stuck in there, taken a lot of crap (well deserve crap), but they are trying AND succeeding in getting things turned around. Maybe not as fast as some would like, but they are still working on it. I fail to understand why those who cancelled their orders and received refunds or cancelled credit card orders, keep hanging around this forum spewing nonsense. Okay, you got to cancel and your money back or cancel cc transaction so are you here just to make sure there is still negative/nasty things being said about Eve like you are some kind of savior mission to make sure Eve goes under by constant negative posts? If you have no further dealings with Eve and have nothing to contribute but negative garbage about Eve problems (which they are handling pretty well considering), than why are you here?
Those with current problems go through the support channel as you’ve been told and be a little more patient. I would think by now everyone should be able to see that Eve is getting things fixed and resolving everyone’s issues. They could have just walked away and said screw you all, but they didn’t. They took the negative press and comments and stayed the course finding a way to get everyone taken care of. Probably not as fast as most want, but again, they didn’t walk away. Yes, they technically still could walk away without giving back the refunds, but does that make sense after going through with what they have to get an investor, shipping, doing what they can for everyone involved. This is a start-up company. Most fail within six months and everyone usually loses there investment or product. That doesn’t appear to be their agenda here. I was a dec 4th flash buyer within the first 9 minutes, getting an i7 516gb 16gb ram. I opted to lose the Paypal chance at an easy refund cause I was willing to take the risk, a big risk for a disabled guy like me on a fixed income. I finally got mine mid Jan. 2019 and I’m having a blast with it! The display is assume, battery life is very good, and overall I am happy with my purchase. My wife, who was ready to slit my throat for the long wait, loves my V and wants one for herself once things stabilize and we get past everyone’s fixes (waiting for shipping, refunds, etc.) and we believe any risk is worth it.
All I’m saying is before you go on a wild rant here, make sure to use the support option first and allow reasonable time for the them to get it resolved. If that doesn’t work then I guess you’d post here, but I’ll bet that if you go to support first now (even though we know support had bad-to-zero response in the past), you will get fast results, at least it seems to have worked well for some folks recently. Hopefully as it seems the V shipping and warranty issues are being taken care of in a decent manner, we really are just left to see how the refund issue resolution works out. But let’s all try to have reasonable expectations, remember, they could have taken what money there was and ran and there would be little to nothing you could do about it. But they have not run away or stole your money. Yes, you have lost the “time value of those dollars” while waiting for your product (and maybe some outdating but that seems arguable), but again, there is always risk with a start up company.
Anyway, I’m tired with a nasty flu like and starting to say the same thing over and over again, my apologies. I for one will be glad when this forum goes back to a more positive place to hang out and for me, I get to learn a lot about tech from the many experts around here. This is all my own opinion and am willing to take whatever hate posts come my way for posting it! lol


Bring on the new firmware and drivers…It’s been a long time coming…


Good question!

PCH is helping us out with R&D and fullfilment. They will help us prototype, source, manufacture and ship products. At this time I can’t really provide more details due to the confidentiality agreements in place :slight_smile:


Just received mine today :slight_smile: will try to make a little review later when I set it up correctly.
It’s a beautiful device indeed, i just hope that I won’t encounter the hardWare problem mentionned in other posts.


Finally some good news!


It’s really great to see people getting their V’s at last.

Yes indeed it certainly is a beautiful.
It is a very attractive as well as stylishly designed device.

It looks much better than most people ever expected in the style and looks department.

The very small and insignificant flaws that I first experienced are nothing at all when compared to the joy it has brought me over the last year.

Even my latest Surface Pro 6 is not wanted by my wife, now she wants her own Eve V instead.

My first Surface never gave me as much joy as my V.

I know I’m probably sounding a bit like a fanboy, but I’m sure many of you will understand what I’m saying when you get your own V.

Yes there are some who did not have such a pleasant experience, and that’s unfortunately the luck of the draw as well as the case with all devices No matter who makes them.
No device on the planet is !00% perfect or will suit everybody.


Today is the day. MY V IS HERE, SET UP, AND WORKING JUST FINE!! I am extremely pleased with it. I love how much is packed into this travel-friendly sized device. My friends were certainly impressed as well, lol! Considering this was the entry model for a startup (M3 Model), I know why this company got as much press coverage as it did. They did great with the design, now let’s hope they continue to improve with their business managing. If they keep that up, I’ve little doubt that the future for Eve will be bright.
Now, time to get back to playing with my fun new device!

Cheers, all!


It’s finally here!.. I got the V today (Montreal, Canada; bought the V from Flashsale Dec 2017). I gotta say, the shipping was suprisingly fast!
So far so good, gonna start downloading / transferring files from my pc. Hopefully i won’t come accross any hardware issues…
Loving the V packaging!



so, after buying the Dell (which I have now for a year) and knew I will use several devices, I put all my files on a USB stick. My computers have all a copy of that folder (like, “myprojects”) and I use “free file sync” two mirror sided and so I sync wehne I put that stick in one of the computers, re-sync (it’s fast) before taking it out… that stick stays always with me.


Just out of curiosity does someone found a way to activate vt x and vt d on their i7 cpu on the V ? Because there is no chipset part to the bios where the option should be. And this is clearly not on the cpu part


Well…my stance right now will be to take one more good…long…deep…breath and await the email that says my V has been shipped. Chalk up my previous email/post to me having a “bad day”. I suppose being very excited about both the new company and the product…I let temporary insanity take hold…LOL! I am very happy to see a lot of folks now receiving their “Vs”…the reviews from those people are very positive so I’ll keep on taking deep breaths…and If at some point I turn blue…I’ll just join a Smurf colony (one that has WiFi)…and continue to await the day when I get my email saying the computer has been shipped…then ultimately receiving my V so I can post a pic of it here on the community with me sitting with it in my lap…blue skin and all! Continued success and good luck!!



Congratulations on the PCH partnership! I suspect you’ll sleep better at night and the company will be able to perform at the high level all of us had hoped when it got started. I also love hearing about the folks finally receiving their “V”…the reviews are great and so are the pictures! I have been waiting on my V for over a year but I am encouraged and hope to receive notice that it has been shipped soon!