Community Support Part 2: Brainstorm! 🌈🌊🌋


Thank you all for participating in the discussion about community driven customer service!

We will definitely try it out. As you can see most of you voted that we should go for it!
Here is the link to previous discussion.

Now, to try it out we need to have little community brainstorming session here :slight_smile:

Key to succeeding in the implementation of community support is to work in little iterations. And if we cant get it to work we either improve or abandon the idea altogether.

###So here’s how we will implement community driven support:

  1. We brainstorm ideas in this thread
  2. We present our core idea and implement it
  3. See how it works.
  4. Brainstorm more on how to improve, review and improve,

It is important to implement community service in small iterations to see if the idea works as we can spend 2 month designing custom solution to only find out that we need something completely different:)

###Lets get our hands dirty and get down to business!

In this thread it is important to get conversation started. The main goal of this thread is:

  1. Have enough ideas to come up with basic structure
  2. Brainstorm on more specific problems.

Please don’t side track here to get the max out of this discussion

firstly find below summarized previous discussion as some great ideas have been already created there:

###1. Purpose of community driven support:**

  1. Resolve end user problems fast and effectively helping eve team to tackle common problems
  2. Give users humane support

###2. Main challenges of community driven support (based on previous discussion):

  • Having the information factual, correct, accurate and up-to-date.
  • Making sure that when customer base grows users don’t spam main forum section and create duplicate threads.
  • making sure that support tickets are not part of the core community and don’t ruin current vibe. Making sure that having all customers in community would not lead to trolls and compromised voting results for future products.
  • making sure we don’t end up as OnePlus community full of trolls and angry customers

3. Main ideas created so far to address the challenges above (To be filled after we brainstorm) :

Now to make sure we have a real brainstorming session I have not listed any particular ideas as locked to make sure we don’t get fixated on certain idea

##How should you proceed?
Let’s keep this thread relaxed and try to come up with many ideas as possible. After we have enough ideas we will draft up some more concrete structure. Below you can find ideas that were mentioned during previous discussion (make sure to add your idea if I did not add it)

Try to find solutions to the challenges above as well as brainstorm on the following topics:

If you are not sure what to start with below are some ideas:(help me brainstorm more things here too :slight_smile: ):

  1. Community support structure
    Do we start a separate section in community? Will support tickets appear as latest or not? If not how will members see them?

  2. Rewards for users who help the most
    How most active guys get rewarded for their help

  3. FAQ
    Ideas related to FAQ

  4. Chat solution (Telegram, what’s App, etc)
    What’s the best way to get answer from the team quick? Do we even need chat solution?

  5. User flow

  6. Resolving more private problems
    In private messages or in chat, etc?

We will add more stuff tomorrow!

Below are key ideas from previous discussion: (need some formatting i have for now copy pasted them)

Thread creating page idea:

  • live q&a as an example
  • FAQ suggests if question was asked before
  • The people who are searching for help must identify very clearly who is from eve-tech and who is “only” a community-member.
  • Eve credits to reward
  • Perhaps a separate “helpdesk” category (with sub-categories) that only approved users can reply to threads? (but anyone can create) Is that even possible?
  • support category
  • The community is growing fast now, there are daily new threads and to prevent a flood of them a support section should be put next to the community in a subsection not visible at a first glance.
  • Force the user to categorize his question before to post it in order to get a quicker answer.
  • Give every supporter a trust level which should not be confused with the trust level gained in the community through likes and threads read.
  • What about showing the mother tongue language next to the name of each supporter?
  • FAQ is separate thing
  • auto response to support email sayng new community system is implemented and tested

Noticed laser cat?! Read this thread! Community Service ver 1.0

Dedicated FAQ / troubleshooting is key IMO. This way, we only need to maintain the content in one place, and can simply link to specific pages or sections when responding in support threads. Hopefully, this would lead to more accurate, up-to-date answers, and would also make it easier for community members to jump in and help.

We’d have to evaluate whether Discourse can meet this need. Having everything on the same site and credentials is good, but the layout is probably not suited for this and I’m not sure how well a bunch of wiki posts will scale.


Quickest is phone to a person. If one has an urgent issue that requires support then email isn’t the best. If the issue is something network or connectivity related then phone is best.

An email or chat solution is awesome for those general questions but I don’t suggest an app type solution such as what’s app. A web chat has good results as long as it’s not a bot and not a person with canned responses.


I just think that a phone connection would be very hard to maintain as the user base grows larger.
Chat/ E-Mail allow for a lot more flexibility I think.
I can only imagine a phone call as manageable for complex discussions/ information / troubleshooting after trying to help via E-Mail or chat.

I think all of Eve’s social media accounts should be seen as a way to chat, so Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I know it might be a bit complicated to manage these, but as the company grows there might be a person dedicated to social media anyway (is there already? I don’t know).


I would also say that a dedicated FAQ with many subcategories as a first place to go is the best solution. And then, if the answer can’t be found in the specific subcategory, then you can click on an “ask the community” button and you get linked to a page in which you can see all the threads that were done regarding that subcategory and you will also have the possibility to create an own thread or contact the team by mail (maybe with a remark that communiy help ususally is faster and that the community is constantly checked by moderators of Eve). Also an “others” category can make sense :smiley:

Now, the key with this would be to have a very sorted FAQ with rather small categories to minimize an overload of info. Nobody wants to read the complete category “hardware”, if he knows that something with the display is wrong, e.g. And it would also be very important to have someone constantly updating the FAQ with the questions that were asked by the consumer and also with the solution, of course.

Additionally, I would say that several FAQ categories need to be handled exclusively by the Eve team. As an example I would say shipping and payment. And also problems with the warranty would have to always be handled by Eve.

I’d also think that an extra support forum outside the community would also be a good idea, but it would probably also work as it is now.

With chats there are several problems. One is that someone has to attend them continuously and if that’s not possible then there needs to be some way to answer the person later. For the latter something based on whatsapp or telegramm would make sense, but it is important to handle the phone numbers of customers in a good way. A Telegramm group doesn’t show them, but if every customer would just go in one and ask questions it would be a hell of a mess. I’ll thinka bout something, but right now (in the middle of the night) I don’t know how to solve this. Help i always appreciated :smiley:

Sorry, that this post is getting so long, but regarding to some credit system: I only think that it makes sense in a way to show the person who needs help that a certain user was helpful before. I don’t like the idea that people need rewards to help. Either you help or you don’t. Children start to be altruistic by themselves and if you support that and encourage it they usually stop if nobody continues to encourage them, but continue, if everybody around it just treats it as natural. IMO the same thing applies for adults. Don’t really see the point in helping people, if you just do it to get something extra… And don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about free extra stuff (:P), but I just don’t think that this is needed right now.


I think this is really important, and I’d like to add that it would make a lot of sense to give community members clear ‘flair’ if they have been in the community long enough to know actual answers and not just guesses. So for example everyone here knows that Insiders can give pretty definite answers, but at the same time, many community members who are not insiders, such as the Regulars and even others that have been here since November or so know many many answers, and the HyperEarlyBirds will probably be those with most hands-on experience to give answers before general sales start.
So I think some kind of clear Flair to mark ‘Support Staff’ will be really important for this to work


It is almost the exact same idea as Australia biggest telco’s tech support:

…they even registered the trademark…

There are great examples with regards to legal aspect for crowd support:

If we are doing this, we can definitely learn something from them.

And as for FAQ, maybe a wikipedia style knowledge base can also work?


Few factors /suggestion that might help to form a V Crowd/Community support model (vCSM)…Few things first…

  • DON’T be “Jack of all trades, master of none”.
  • DON’T sign up just for the sake of signing up.
  • DON’T advice/suggest to resolve the issues faced by others, provide firm solution.

Having said above, here is what i feel a vCSM should be like…

  1. SELF HELP - The first and best step to help yourself is a search field, where in the solution seeker types in his issue, and the web page display link RELEVENT to V for BEST POSSIBLE answer. The idea behind this self help is to explore self what could be the issues and if this has been already recorded (Single Page) and help ourselves. I would rather say allow, the vSME (V Subject Matter Expert) to create their own page and give them a place to host it, and tie this page on their name, so that each time anyone is happy with the solution, this get Recognised and it will also help in Credit rating for that vSME, followed by reward.

    In order to do this, EVE team should have…

    • Single Page addressing one issues and the steps to resolve.
    • Rating the page based on its solution acceptance (like XXX people found this solution helpful)
    • Same page displaying next best solution approved or visited by other solution seekers
    • Buttons to ask “Found what i was looking for” OR “Nope”
  2. BUDDY HELP (come up with proper wording) - For this few work has to be performed before we assign a buddy. The idea here is to identify from a particular Geo an vSME who is willing to help others by sharing their email (or v can issue one for them) OR contact number (approved by vSME himself ONLY when there is necessary to speak and resolve).

    PS: Might have to also think as how do we know XYZ “issue facer and solver” is Genuine and they
    are not Collaborating together to earn more credits :thumbsdown:, 2nd privacy and security
    issues, 3rd tracking their real value to V community or their sharing of knowledge which might die
    with them, etc.

  3. V HELP - This is where he is not able to find the solution from 1 & 2 above, and he come to V support team to find the solution. This is standard process.

  4. SITE HELP - This will be expensive to send engineers to V owner site to resolve the issues.

  5. PACK & SEND HELP - This is the last resort, where nothing can be done, and V has to be physically send back to EVE to resolve the issues.


It’s important that users looking for support should be able to find any pre-existing answers to their questions without having to generate a new request.

I would therefor suggest that it would good to categorise support requests AND, critically, to provide a best-in-breed search capability.


I agree with the search side, needs to be great at picking out error codes and potentially natural language to ‘understand’ what the user is really asking. Might be worth asking your Microsoft friends about their machine learning/data analytics :slight_smile:
That way some of it could be automated and tie nicely to an automated chatbot - that would hopefully weed out some of the easy questions and put less load on the people in the community.


A “special” section just for support “tickets” is a good start. Not sure if they should show up in Latest though, it has its ups and downs.

Credits or small gifts (t-shirts or something like that)

This is a hard one. We already have the Telegram chat, which is well…not really very well suitable on large crowds (imo). But it’s hard to suggest good one. For team communications Slack is a great one but it’s mostly for inside team communications.

How about if we have some kind of “Core Support team” which could then have “direct” link to the Eve team through something like Slack (please no Whatsapp). Of course this would require the team to be reachable.

If the problem is bigger/private I think PM messages here or through some other methods are fine, but the end result should be always be posted to the community support thread.

In more of General Note about these.

As we already have kind of decided to include the whole community for the support, how about if we do it in some kind of levels (like in the picture for the thread creating page). I mean that there would be general support which would be pretty much anybody, and if the problem is bigger/harder it could be made aware to a “2nd Level support” which could have the direct link to the EVE team to let them know about the problem and if it requires direct involvment from the Eve team.

The thread creation picture is a good start for the support ssection, but in the last part (section 4) I propably wouldn’t include EVE officials straight in there as it cause all the tickets be pushed for Eve officials. So I would propably allow only the Regulars + Certified Forum members part in there (of course it wouldnt stop EVE officials to step in right from the beginning). If you think it from the customer point of view who is just creating a ticket/support request and in the final part is asked who would he like to assign it to and he selects EVE Officials and after a while gets a reply from a “regular user”. Even if the reply would help him to fix the problem, it might cause wrong kind of impressions or something “I didn’t ask it from you, I want an official response” kind of reply etc.


What if we had a separate site, like which works like this one, but there is no confusion about what is support and what is general community related


Brilliant! We are actually thinking of doing the same so it would look as if you are in same site but it would be dedicated for support!


Might be even better. That would calm down the forum side and make it easier to notice 5he support tickets


Maybe we can categorise the writers in this parallel forum : if I have written just one request, I am “New user”
’, but if I wrote 10 msg in the same request thread, maybe I change of user’s category to be visible by a “2nd level Helper”?
Allow us to bring automatically at the best level the customer…


Well the amount of messages can’t be a reason to get a higher level imo. It needs to be about the things you write and if they actually do help.


And if they don’t help you? Haven’t you ever sent a message to a customer service without any answer? And I didn’t tell it should be the unic reason to reach an upper level…
And when I was talking about the number of messages, I was including messages during a discussion with somebody trying to help. If it takes you 10 messages to answer a question, great chance that you don’t have the answer…


And IMO a brainstorming is an exercise where every idea can be submitted , without any judgement. The purpose is to propose ideas in a positive way of thinking :wink:


I wasn’t judging just commenting


I don’t think the number of posts is a good indication of how helpful you are. However, the number of upvotes is a different thing :slight_smile: For example, you can get a helper class when you get 20 upvotes in that forum/category and advanced helper when you get 50… Or something like that :slight_smile: