Community Management Trinity



Hey everyone…

Over the past few weeks, some of you have noticed strange goings-on. Forum posts with strange colors, strangers in Insider chat and the like. Or if you’ve attended the Ulm community meet-up, you may have overheard more obvious things. Time to lift the veil!

Alongside ‘Original Community Manager’ @iKirin and ‘Community Manager 2.0’ @nawthor I will be helping to make sure that the Eve team knows what the community wants, and that the community knows what the Eve team is up to. They, and everyone at Eve, are incredibly passionate about what is being built here, and I couldn’t wish for better colleagues to share my enthusiasm with.

As you may have guessed from my V Prototype Testing Results thread, I like it when things are collected, sorted and presented in a more convenient way. Going forward, I will do my best to make the flow of information between the team and the community as smooth as possible.

If you need help, you only have to find a nice big cloud and fire up the community’s very own Bat-signal: @Team.

The V is amazing, and it’s only the beginning. I look forward to helping Eve and the community as we head onward to great things… together!

Community Digest 06.05

I kind of expected something like that :smiley: keep up the good work! :muscle:

So, who owns which part of the triforce?


‘Hide Details’ is what you’re looking for. It’s under the ‘Options’ cog icon.

At your service :slight_smile:


Well, I mean no one back then said that I was not joking when I was talking about onboarding you :smiley:

Well, since I’m the original community manager I’m taking the Triforce of Development & stupid memes/jokes! :wink:

Back 2 topic:
It’s great to have you officially on board Rob! :slight_smile:


I disagree. It was quite obvious you weren’t joking.
Welcome on board Rob and thanks for the ride again, I had a great time and finally saw the Santa :stuck_out_tongue:


So in the end there will be 3 community managers after all? @iKirin @Konstantinos


Great news - and thanks for your clear and concise summaries and précis thus far


Glad to get an additional face on board @Helios, this will make communication more simple the more people swarm the community! Keep up the good work!


Hope third time’s the charm, and that Eve finally have found a competent CM now, so that they won’t have to hire new ones all the time :joy:

Can I have the the Triforce of Spending 10 minutes on a post, only to scrap it because it wasn’t good enough/ someone beat me to it?

Jokes aside though, it’s fantastic that the veil is finally lifted, and I can start telling people just how awesome you are, both as a person and to work with. Also, this means I no longer have to dance around the topic when talking to @fanoftech4life.

And I need to say that I just love your title, it’s undoubtedly the best one so far.


You realise my perseverance makes all that effort in vain :stuck_out_tongue: It’s far easier to just tell (it makes my part easier and you don’t lose your patience with me ;)) or then tell that you can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue: