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We decided to create this topic to have one place to share all of the useful articles about all things audio like codecs, sound fundamentals, etc. Comment below with a link to the article you think will be useful to other members and we will add it here. Eventually we will split them in categories. Make sure to write why this article is useful and what will you learn by reading it.

Ten Kettles | Highs and Lows: an audio primer part 1&2

sound fundamentals

If you want to know what all the “lows” and “highs” stuff is about—and how you can use it—this is for you. I’m talking about being able to say “Hey, the vocals on that track are sounding pretty nasal, let’s cut some mids.” This’ll be knowledge you can use.

The Master switch | Headphone specs explained

Primer on headphone spec sheets and what to look at when picking a pair

On the face of it, headphones are simple objects. Plug in, put on, play music. But if you want to get the very best out of your headphones, you’ll need to know a little bit about how they work - that means you’ll know whether they sound best when matched with a smartphone, for example, or a dedicated amp.

Head-fi | Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

A great read to understand how people passionate about sound review headphones

This review is an attempt to compare and contrast all the headphones that are presently in my personal collection. The sentiments expressed herein are based on my own personal experiences with the headphones. I in no way intend for this review to be perceived as anything more than one audio enthusiast’s personal opinion . I did not use any equipment other than my ears to measure the performance of the various headphones.

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Here are some fast read for people wanting basic understanding of some audio codecs:

List of all codecs, explore for detail understanding:

An answer on Understanding Earphone / Headphone Specifications from Shure



Water proofing:

A great read for those don’t understand:

IPX explained

My current earphones have them and it really comes handy in unpredictable rains.



Want to understand about drivers in Earphones, following articles explain in the concise way:



Wallkop’s post :star_struck:should be here too.



General read’s on understanding headphones and Active Noise Cancellation



Some Basic stuff for starting Audiophiles.

Training your Ear: How to listen like Audiophile.