Community Digest 06.05



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##The latest updates on V development

##Eve team expansion and upcoming Q&A

##A word from our prototype testers
Last week's hottest topics

Here’s the recap of the hottest and most recent topics!

[28.04.17] Mini mass production results + Shipping schedule

Community Meeting East Germany (Leipzig)

Community, we need to decide on V screen calibration

What Press & Influencers should we send our baby to ?!

Hottest topics the week before that

Community Meeting Germany (Pictures and experiences)

[Eve V Status] Eve V Speakers, Pen magnet, Keyboard, Manufacturing & MORE!

[22.04.17] Good news to start your weekend!

###V beats all other i5 Y devices ever tested in Geekbench!

Concept: The world's first crowd-designed 10-inch tablet: the Eve V Air!

EVE next project and why it should be a laptop (update)

Hottest topics the week before that

Latest Updates: Shipping Timeline, Screen Calibration and more

Introducing User Groups!

Noticed laser cat?! Read this thread! Community Service ver 1.0

Replacable pen tips are available now!

[28.04.17] Mini mass production results + Shipping schedule
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I think you have got the wrong link at “A word from our prototype testers”


I sure do! Fixing it now…

UPDATE: fix’d! Alexander gets a cookie!


Where is the update ? this is the same update posted like one month ago.


Hi @Fernando_Merino!

This is not the same we’re having different topics in here.
The idea is to have the “hottest” / most interesting topics for you & users that don’t have time to read every post summarized here so you can stay on top easier :slight_smile:


Great ! I am OK for reading all the posts, but sometimes I just wanted a summary !!! This is great !!! Thanks


Any update? gotta have 20


You are right, this week’s Community Digest is late! @Konstantinos has promised us a big update announcement today, so we’ve delayed CD to make sure that can be in there as well. That way the people who live fast through just reading the links in here won’t miss out on big updates for another week!


very soon - we should get news this evening! :slight_smile: we all are waiting for it :wink:


It’s already Monday here in Hong Kong, approaching Tuesday, so I should get to see the update tomorrow morning :grinning:


It’s already monday pretty much everywhere :smiley: if it goes to their usual timeline, we should see an update in ~2 hours from now :slight_smile:


Starving for his update😂


@Konstantinos come on, it’s already tuesday in china!!!


He is not in China anymore :slight_smile: still Monday in Finland


Do we have a schedule?

After saying Murphy’s law always prevails, we are grateful that Eve took the high road but…

…the silence has been deafening

Update please:fearful:


Konsta is writing it at the moment.


Guys I feel too much pressure here… Give him some air, the guy’s working for us all :slight_smile: i think this sort of reactions encourage Eve to hold some things back, as revealing a timeline always results in too much pressure from the community. Let’s keep in mind that estimates and timelines are just that, and it’s not the end of the world if they’re not quite right :wink:


5 constructive stars for you chief :heart_eyes:


Ok everyone, I’ll be closing up this thread for now.

As mentioned quite a bunch of times now @Konstantinos is writing the post currently and finishing it up - posting here won’t make it any faster and the posts. :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding :wink: