Community* designed V accessories



Hey everybody. Update:
Ok its been a hectic couple of weeks. Now work will resume on the case. Ill release the prototype pen clip sometime within the next week or not. Work will resume until the 10th of october then ill be on holiday. Thanks everybody… i haven’t forgotten about this project just been very busy, thats all.


Let’s see who is faster. You finishing the prototype or Eve-Tech sending the Vs. (I fear it will be you though. ^^)


Hey everybody. Work on amending the design has stopped. Work may resume in 2 weeks time ish*. Reason for delay (not like anyone cares) is that im on holiday in japan. Will update you soon. For now… im stepping into to the shadows relaxing. Dont worry everyone… the i promise that the public version will be release in a few weeks ish. Along with a individual simple pen clip for the V.


V is still taking it’s time to arrive, so there is no need to hurry :wink:

Enjoy your holidays <3


Hey everyone. Should i try injection moulding with the case? Like rubber, silicone, ect.


yes the material has to be more flexible. not that hard plastic stuff you send to me…


Soft material will dampen a fall better, so I’d say it could be worth a shot.


Hi everyone.
Just wanna update yall w/ what’s happening atm. So far… the old silicone which i had lying around… is kinda too flixble and brittal. The prototypes kept on tearing when i released the from the 3d prined moulds. Also it is very hard to sand the insides of the mould due to its small size, layer details are being replicate on the silicone part too. I’m gonna have too go out and get some new industrial silicon from like Bunnings… lol. I have considered using acetone but i think it will comprise the seal of the mould. So any suggestions?
Uh… i couldn’t find rubber(liquid) locally so the next stop gap thing im gonna try is hot glue. Hot gule sticks are flexible yet durable like rubble but it is not as soft as silicon.
I’ll update yall soon ish*, ray

Oh yeh btw… im running very low on filament… I’ve just ordered like 2kgs… its gonna take atleast 2weeks for shipping.


It’s commendable you’re keeping at it, and I for one would be interested in purchasing a set (for a reasonable price!). Community feedback seems to be dying down.

Just hope your hard work and efforts are not undermined by the current company situation and the community also finds it useful.

That being said, if you’re doing it primarily for yourself then no matter what, your hard work is not in vain.


hi everybody,
if anyone has experience with injection moulding in the community, may you kindly review this mould design? i haven’t tested it yet but the design is significantly more complex than version 1. are there any issues i need rectify before the 2nd test in about a ±week time.



hi everybody.

so 1 out of 2 of the rolls of filament has arrived. mould 1 got printed in blue abs and it didn’t turn out so good. some components of the mould warped because the heat bed settings weren’t right and print orientation. this created gaps larger than i would’ve liked. however, i will go ahead with the silicon injection moulding tomorrow despite the flaws. currently, the mould 2 is being printed in abs and will be tested (injection moulded) before christmas. this mould design is significantly more simple In 2019, i think i will redesign the bottom components of the case as i’m still not 100% satisfied yet. if anyone has ideas where the case doesn’t compromise on the kickstand’s function, please let me know. i will* do another little update is a weeks time with the results.

ththththhththththhat’s allll folks!


I’d love to also see how it looks when attached to the V.


Thank you for your hard work! :slight_smile:

As for having a case that doesn’t compromise the kick stand, what about a kick stand on the case itself?

Another, stranger option: have a way to open the case so the kickstand it comes with can be used, then the kickstand and case can go back down and the case can be closed again until next use? I have no idea how practical that is lol!


hi everyone,
hope you’ve had a pleasant few weeks. so in mid December i got to finally injection mould the FP/Cam part in silicon.

the silicon is still prone to tearing when removing from the mould and happens less with this new silicon but still is more than i would’ve liked. after rough preliminary testing with the 100% silicon cam piece, i think all designs of the V case moving forward will be a combination of the hard 3d printed pla plastic and silicon. because i was 100% satisfied that my V would survive a drop from head height onto tile/concrete. let alone i was sceptical of my V surviving a 0.5m drop in the silicon case. however, i was confident my V would survive a full meter drop in the 3d printed pla case. so the design would be a combination of pla the silicon or perhaps a silicon, pla, silicon sandwich design. but before that, i still want to make a fet adjustment to my mould design technique for future reference. and for @Hazel suggestion, I’ll give it a go but i initially thought last year that a design like this would add stresses and strains to the kickstand hinge and that the design would require a pretty strong adhesive to attach securely to the kickstand. the design WILL definitely mess up the angle of the display when the kickstand is open but what do you guys think?

below are some images of the improved upon IO piece mould. the now won’t lock tightly together but instead will now be held shut with clamps. the improvement basically made the mould separation a whole lot simpler as well as the separation lines which would make cosmetic fix-ups with the scalpel knife a whole lot easier.

cheers to a productive 2019:grin:


Nice update, thanks! :slight_smile:
I don’t know what would be best for the kickstand dilemma. Would leaving a cut out in the case for the kickstand be an option? It’s not ideal either, though… Hmmm…


Hi eveybody. Not much progress have been made of the past fortnight. i have nearly finished modelling the “silicon sandwich” mould… but in the meantime, i have absolutely had it with my printer. It just wouldn’t get the first layers down correctly!! Like i tried differnet adheasion bases like rafts and brims in both abs and pla… i even tried printing with different settings. Like the best result is one of two piece

Obviously this is nowhere near the finish needed of silicon moulding. I’m gonna take a while week off this project to “cool down” and try to fix the mess that my goodix fingerprint drivers have cause to my V.
Ill update yall in a weeks time.


Let me know if you fix your goodix, mine still broke