Community* designed V accessories



hi everyone,

i believe i have sorted through all the production issues and is currently doing THE last prototype and should be ready for purchase in 7 days. However in my through my testing phase, the application of the case onto the V’s corners was very finicky. i am NOT satisfied with the installation technique/procedure therefor i may delay the launch of the product. the product meets my quality standards and more than adequately protects my V from drops onto hard surfaces such as asphalt* (1metre max cause I was too scared to test my V further in fear of it breaking and dealing with the 6-12 month repair period).

Do you care about the semi-finicky installation method? or Do you just want the V case to protect your V ASAP?

  • Launch V case(black basic version) on Monday 20th 13:05 AEST with underdeveloped installation technique/method?
  • Delay the launch of the V case(/W pen clip version) until fully developed? (unknown amount of time)

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also i’m looking a small group of V owners willing to test the V case. I will send you the V case FREE of charge as long as; you test the V case in real-world scenarios(such a full working week at university) and PAY for SHIPPING. please email me: if interested @nawthor @iKirin and everyone is welcome to participate. (looking for about 10 testers)

thnx, ray


Shipping is probably more expensive for some than just 3D-printing it themselves. It’d be amazing if you could:

a) send the .stl file to those who want to give it a try
b) make it publicly available for everyone to use


ur right. the lowest international shipping(to Canada) costs slightly less than what i intended to sell the V case. I have considered this proposition many times and as much of a fan of open sources stuff that i am, being a student and making $10 bucks an hour have influenced my previous decision to sell the V case. i’ve started procrastinating and doing this Months ago (academic results reflect this) and with education fees so high today, is it a small thing to ask for a little reward after all the effort and sacrifices i put in? although my position on this matte may change in the future, have some compassion.


If you should decide to open source it, you can always set up a donation page. Given that a 10€ hardware mod can save a 800-2000€ device I’d be more than willing to donate that amount of money.


I would also donate for the STL files as I would suspect many others would as well.

Others who don’t have the ability to 3d-print, could order a printed version.


Also guys. I can’t release the stl files cuase of legal issues. Konstantinos has yet to reply with a yes or no. So in the mean time i’m legally “giving my friends the V case”. I can sell the case yet or release the stl file into the public cause it does infring on the copyright of the V. All people who have signed up to test the V case is just paying for shipping.


Good news. After a bit of motivation. I’m make the basic V case design file open source to the public. I have recieved the go ahead from konstantinos and plan to release the .stl files in a few ish weeks. After the feedback from the tester , minor changes will be made and then published. Rules of the open source thing is standard, you can not profit* off of any modifications you make, always credit me/eve and you have to release any modifications you make to the design public on this forum. In a few ish week… all you plebs can go wild and modify the fuck of the design.


Awesome to hear. Make sure to drop it here together with the donate link.

You’ll get an extra bonus should it one day save my V. :wink:


Hey everybody. Update:
Ok its been a hectic couple of weeks. Now work will resume on the case. Ill release the prototype pen clip sometime within the next week or not. Work will resume until the 10th of october then ill be on holiday. Thanks everybody… i haven’t forgotten about this project just been very busy, thats all.


Let’s see who is faster. You finishing the prototype or Eve-Tech sending the Vs. (I fear it will be you though. ^^)


Hey everybody. Work on amending the design has stopped. Work may resume in 2 weeks time ish*. Reason for delay (not like anyone cares) is that im on holiday in japan. Will update you soon. For now… im stepping into to the shadows relaxing. Dont worry everyone… the i promise that the public version will be release in a few weeks ish. Along with a individual simple pen clip for the V.


V is still taking it’s time to arrive, so there is no need to hurry :wink:

Enjoy your holidays <3


Hey everyone. Should i try injection moulding with the case? Like rubber, silicone, ect.


yes the material has to be more flexible. not that hard plastic stuff you send to me…


Soft material will dampen a fall better, so I’d say it could be worth a shot.


Hi everyone.
Just wanna update yall w/ what’s happening atm. So far… the old silicone which i had lying around… is kinda too flixble and brittal. The prototypes kept on tearing when i released the from the 3d prined moulds. Also it is very hard to sand the insides of the mould due to its small size, layer details are being replicate on the silicone part too. I’m gonna have too go out and get some new industrial silicon from like Bunnings… lol. I have considered using acetone but i think it will comprise the seal of the mould. So any suggestions?
Uh… i couldn’t find rubber(liquid) locally so the next stop gap thing im gonna try is hot glue. Hot gule sticks are flexible yet durable like rubble but it is not as soft as silicon.
I’ll update yall soon ish*, ray

Oh yeh btw… im running very low on filament… I’ve just ordered like 2kgs… its gonna take atleast 2weeks for shipping.


It’s commendable you’re keeping at it, and I for one would be interested in purchasing a set (for a reasonable price!). Community feedback seems to be dying down.

Just hope your hard work and efforts are not undermined by the current company situation and the community also finds it useful.

That being said, if you’re doing it primarily for yourself then no matter what, your hard work is not in vain.


hi everybody,
if anyone has experience with injection moulding in the community, may you kindly review this mould design? i haven’t tested it yet but the design is significantly more complex than version 1. are there any issues i need rectify before the 2nd test in about a ±week time.



hi everybody.

so 1 out of 2 of the rolls of filament has arrived. mould 1 got printed in blue abs and it didn’t turn out so good. some components of the mould warped because the heat bed settings weren’t right and print orientation. this created gaps larger than i would’ve liked. however, i will go ahead with the silicon injection moulding tomorrow despite the flaws. currently, the mould 2 is being printed in abs and will be tested (injection moulded) before christmas. this mould design is significantly more simple In 2019, i think i will redesign the bottom components of the case as i’m still not 100% satisfied yet. if anyone has ideas where the case doesn’t compromise on the kickstand’s function, please let me know. i will* do another little update is a weeks time with the results.

ththththhththththhat’s allll folks!


I’d love to also see how it looks when attached to the V.