Community Contest | Wallpaper Stars

Beloved community,

It’s time for us to announce the winners of our community wallpaper contest!

A quick recap

We kickstarted our first community wallpaper competition at the end of September, where our members created their amazing wallpapers based on one of the three themes: Triangle, Speed, and Together. We received 40 incredible entries from the enthusiastic artists, designers, and illustrators in our community. A prize pool consisting of 150 USD worth of Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation gift cards (winner’s choice) was offered to reward our community creators. Our members voted to decide the winners on a per-theme basis; each theme’s highest voted entry will get a $30 gift card, and the second-highest voted entry of each theme will get a $20 gift card.

The winners

Some creator’s entries were so popular that they have won multiple prizes.

Stand Above by @Brendon_Leenheer in Triangle category

Originals and variants

Dynamic waves by @NikGud in Speed category

Created by v1 by @Juan_Hidalgo in Together category

The runner-ups

Focus by @jozedwardo in Triangle category

Punch it by @jozedwardo in Speed category

Simply Together by @Brendon_Leenheer in Together category

Click/Tap here to view the remaining contest entries.

All of the entries are licensed under CC BY 4.0.


Speed Triangles V1 by @Juan_Hidalgo

Pyramid Flipper by @AntonyTerence

Make a Splash by @Traveler

EVE Knot by @Dijah

Low-Key Lift by @the_massive

Cutting triangles by @NikGud

eve Triangles by @tech_o_maniac

V10 by @Mohammad_Hadi

Jungle Triangle by @hackz101

Wave of Reflection by @KiePower


Red glow by @Kvastin

Infinity by @Imperial_Eagle

Lightning by @Stefinitely

Forever Revered by @REDBONE_ZERO


Speed V1 by @Juan_Hidalgo

Simple Speed by @Maszo_Pok

Grand Prix by @Techmo

1ms by @hackz101

Feed the Machine by @KiePower

Amongst Stars by @Imperial_Eagle

eve motion by @Bruk

To the Moon by @Stefinitely

Cleverly Developed by @REDBONE_ZERO


Full Spectrum by @jozedwardo

Community by @Traveler

EVE – Triangle Fall by @Dijah

Healthy Together with Triangle Pose by @tech_o_maniac

The Creation of Spectrum by @hackz101

Unity by @Drummer829

Outer Spectrum by @joseph_ramirez

The Wall by @KiePower Your entries

Above by @Imperial_Eagle

Hope by @Stefinitely

Everybody Achieves by @REDBONE_ZERO

Thank you

If you are one of the winners, please check your private community messages as we have contacted each of you to arrange the distribution of prizes. This contest is a great success; we are looking forward to hosting more community competitions in the future. To our members who joined our wallpaper contest and all community members who voted to decide the winners, we want to say, thank you! :revolving_hearts: