Community Art Anybody?



don’t know if I may here because, off topic and not V art (cause I don’t have it yet…, it is SP4art… :wink: )…
Just a little merging of one of my old oil paintings (the cat) with digital art… !
edit, I try to upload a better picture…



I must say, the artistic talents of the community are remarkable… Bravo!


May I suggest the following as well?


this one is awesome!


My EVE V wallpaper! you are free to use it! If someone is able to add “Made by them us” like the boot message would be awesome!! I can’t be able to find it anywhere…

Edit: Same with the BrainMatters version of it!


This is really nice, but why is it like 48:9 1080p? :no_mouth:


I like the default one, but decided I want the color to pop a bit more, and making it look like it is behind the black background.

It was what my limited skills could muster in Photoshop :smiley:


I don’t know, It’s a wallpaper that I had, downloaded from an unknown site… I only changed the prism for the EVE logo. It fits in almost every screen I’ve tried so far.


I like it more than the original one, good work mate! Thanks for sharing it.


see below a better one.


an update of the old one…


Little recommendation, if possible please make the Resolution to be at least 2880 x 2880, to make the Picture looks great in both Portrait and Landscape mode. Also make sure that the Picture does not lose important Details when cropped to 3:2 and 2:3 (Portrait and landscape)


ah sorry. (I know you did not only mean me).
uhm… actually… I was going to put this on my website and “sell” it in better resolution, I put it here for free with lower res… :blush: :sunglasses:


Just a simple wallpaper for those who prefer the minimalist V logo

(Planning to add some material design elements or names that start with V, this wallpaper is basically a blank canvas for anyone to work on and improve.)





Working on more designs as we speak (once I finished dealing with schoolwork, that is) :smiley: