Community Art Anybody?



I’m really not a pro in editing… maybe someone likes it :'D Of course I am open for feedback!


I think we should first decide on official color of the flipped pyramid logo for EVE. From there we can start creating official wallpapers for EVE. Do we have an official color for EVE logo?


Aren’t they red and black?


Xbox is primarily a gaming device for kids and teenagers. Even if adults buy it, which is a rare occasion, they buy it for gaming, so they feel playful when using it. But when we’re talking about Eve, we’re talking about a tablet that people take to business meetings, lectures, do their programming on it… all sorts of people, and I’m pretty sure most of them would disagree with such a branding choice.


I’m not sure I think people are assuming that it Red and Black but I don’t think any EVE insider has confirmed this. If they have they I have missed it.

Also I don’t know what you two are fighting about @pauliunas @zman888 but I personally would buy a limited edition product which not a gaming product but a company is less likely to do it because it would displease the consumers who are buying if they didn’t get the chance to buy it in time. Just imagine if a company planed to release a limited edition product for this x price for limited windows people who don’t get chance will probably start develop hate toward that company. Again I’m not sure what you guys are arguing about but based on your recent replies this my response.


We were actually arguing about associating the product with cartoon characters, but we went a bit too far :smiley:


Never mind, carry on you two


Since it’s off-topic they can also stop :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d love to see a V ore eve themed design in Wallpaper Engine.
I never tried to do an own design for WE but I’m also not a designer.


I will try, to make a wallpaper with evoli.


Here you go xD

reell ms paint skillz haha

iPhone V Wallpaper

Thanks! Eevee is the best!


For all of you V and Ghost in the Shell -movie fans.
Both V and the Major are revolutionary piece of hardware, right. :wink:


OK, so next batch. I thought this time we could go for something a little more subtle. Given that MS and Apple ship their PCs with generic pretty landscape wallpapers, I tried something similar - except with subtle 'V’s in each photo.

For the more understated look. :smiley:


I like that sandhill mirroring in the lake, it’s a little pyramid flipper thingy xD


Exactly :wink:

(Twenty chars)


This is so cool - I will be making wallpaper/slideshow using these.
Thanks especially to @mattyj & @marcoelite.



Don’t know if anyone is still messing around with these - but since I have a bit longer to wait (LB & 1TB upgrade) I figured why not…


Glad you bumped this thread! Gonna’ use me some Eve art!


here it is again (should have checked this earlier) - reformatted to proper 4k (3480 x 2160)