Community Art Anybody?



I like the shadow dropped :slight_smile:


Yep like it…click ! :slight_smile:


Yes, why not!? :slight_smile:


Good idea, I think . :innocent:


I like the one with the shadow more. Also the message reminds me of Bernie Sanders :slight_smile:



Cant anyone make a cute eevee wallpaper or edit one, where eevee holds the V logo?

Great minds think alike :stuck_out_tongue:


That could go on a shirt, or a tie, or even a pocket square. Great pattern!


Not sure I want to have a link between the V and this “eevee”…:wink:


Exactly, I don’t think it’s safe to associate a device with a cartoon character and expect grown-up people to be OK with that…


And yet a multi-million dollar industry has been made off of adults going to see motion picture versions of their favorite childhood comics…


Thanks to @xor8xx for pointing out Unsplash. Had a stab at some wallpapers after an idea I had. I’m sure others can do a better job. I do love a good pun. :smiley:

[EDIT] New ones added. Also, I changed the piano key to E (specially for you @zman888 :smiley: ). I’ve used @larseisberg’s cool glamour shots in a couple :slight_smile:

Bonus! Phone wallpaper:



A multi-million dollar industry has been made out of porn, but no need to paint someone having sex on the back of V :smile: That’s an extreme example, but I’m just showing that “multi-million industry” is not an argument.


Ok, well you were being vague about which device would be associated with a cartoon character. So, you make generalizations, then I’ll make generalizations. :wink:


You should put the pyramid on the ‘E’ key of the piano. Sorry, I know that’s being a bit OCD, but oh well. :smile:


Which device? Hah, I give you 3 guesses :smiley: what other devices do we have?

Seriously, I was replying to the comment above and it included “V”. Why should I repeat the name if it’s already there?


Absolutely killed it with the starry wallpaper that could seriously be my lockscreen :smile:


Good idea! Most of these wallpapers are too contrasting for desktop, as icons would be harder to see, but I haven’t thought about using them on the lock screen :wink:


Well if you look up ‘limited edition xbox’ on Bing you’ll see about 50 examples of the point I’m trying to make. So it’s not out of the ordinary for companies to do this. And i know plenty of adults that would buy such a special edition. Now am i saying that we should do that with the V? No, absolutely not. Eve is not the type of company for something like that. But if you’re going to criticize someone’s idea, don’t tell them its dumb because only kids would like something like that, which is absolutely not true. Come up with another reason, please. :smile: