Community Art Anybody?




I made another wallpaper inspired by the pattern under the V’s kickstand

If you want to suggest other colours or want other resolutions of this wallpaper, just contact me :wink:


This is stunning :heart_eyes:
Is there a way you could make this same wallpaper in black? And portrait for our phones
Please :innocent:

Thank you :beers:


Glad you like it ! :innocent: Sure I can but wich part would you want it to be black ?


If you could make the background black that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Are you ok with this one ? Or you want to adjust something ?


That logo is awesome!! Do you have a link to the original? :slight_smile:


Ooooh i like that one. Can we get some more phone backgrounds? :yum:


The purple V in my wallpaper ?


Working on it ! :wink:


No the link to the original image with the black background :wink: here the image gets compressed :wink:


:confused: What image are you refering to ? Mine or… ?


@Julio_Victorin this one :wink:


I made it A to Z … :sweat_smile:My profile image is the same image I uploaded before your post !


looks like a close up of a marijuana bud. 420…anyone…?:laughing:

Replacable pen tips are available now!

Hey dudes what if we rename category to Community Art Anybody?


It sounds pretty great! This thread turned from just Wallpapers to a sort of art, But How about let the name be “The Flipped Pyramid Gallery”? It seems that every wallpaper (art) are all based on the “Flipped Pyramid”.


Make an ‘Art Gallery’ as a new category or as a subset of the community category :wink:



This drop dead gorgeous on an oled screen :heart_eyes: Thank so much!!!