Community Art Anybody?



That’s if not the best, one of the top 3 designs I’ve seen. Really awesome!!! :))


Do you have a link to the original image? Want to use it as my wallpaper :slight_smile:


nice concepts! me gusta!


I can make it possible for others to upload to my album, we could make it into semi-official eve wallpaper album
UPD: now everyone can upload to my album (← repeated the link)


Can’t find it there for some reason…


Thanks. BTW, there is a white version of “painted” triangle with alpha background in my album, if you need it


Project Management documentation from Eve:


I prefer pictures like this:

Looks in my opinion more friendly :slight_smile:
But probably friendly is the wrong word for the V :smiling_imp:?


Added some others HERE


so it does on OP3! GJ man :slight_smile:


OMG I love this!!!
The first one was too dark for me, white makes it hard to see icons, this one is just perfect!


At the moment this is my favorite


This is my new wallpaper on my desktop and phone. Great job!


I am glad to hear that, you’re welcome!



Enjoy mates !!!


The revolution. The world is upside down with hierarchical pyramid inverted


Nothing beats the original red inverted triangle with black background.


In my opinion the black background is too much dark for a wallpaper and the triangle is too much big and this wallpaper can remember the A of Anarchy with the triangle in a red color. I think that this is not too much professional for a company in general.


What about the flipped Pyramid V standing on a brown dessert and blue sky background ?
… and the V´s Shadow in the Sand ?