Coil Whine during normal use

My display has a very annoying coil whine while in normal use (not in HDR or standby). In a quiet room it’s very noticeable.

Is this fixed in the 104 fix or was that only HDR coil whine? I can’t update until there’s a Mac updater.


Hey @Yep,
I can confirm the coil whine issue was addressed in firmware version 104. At this time we don’t have a Mac updater tool available, but this is something the team will be working on. Unfortunately, I can’t provide an ETA for the release of the Mac updater tool.


Last night I think I found that switching USB-C Bandwidth Priority from 3.1 (60HZ) to 2.0 (144HZ) reduced the whine/squeel I’m hearing. This is unfortunate because I’d rather have the full bandwidth but I can make the compromise for less of a headache :laughing:


By coil whine, do you mean a high pitched electrical noise? I’ve got this too on my Spectrum 4k. It drove me so mad, that bought and installed Windows 10 to get Bootcamp in order to be able to run their firmware patch.

The terrible noise remains after having installed 104.

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Yes it’s the high pitched squeal. Switching to the display to 144HZ USB bandwidth priority helps reduce it a fair bit for me, although it has come back a couple times so maybe some other settings triggers it too.

Mine’s being fed via DisplayPort. Don’t think that USB bandwidth setting would have any effect?

I’ve updated my firmware and the coil whine issue is unfortunately very much still there. Not sure about others, but the update didn’t change anything coil whine wise for me.

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Yep, varying levels of coil whine exist. It’s not simply tied to HDR mode.

I’ve stopped using the USB-C port on the side because using it causes a distinct whine.

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Hey, guys!

The coil wine behavior refers to sound produced when electrical components (usually transformers or inductors) vibrate at an audible frequency. This happens in almost all electrical devices, and though it is typically at a frequency and volume that is inaudible to humans, there are cases where you can hear it coming from your devices. There is no need for concern, as it is perfectly safe and does not affect the performance or durability of the electronics. That said, we understand that it can be annoying when it occurs, especially to people who use their devices in a quiet environment or users who are particularly sensitive to such frequencies. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to silence the coil whine emitted by a device based on the fact that it is a physical phenomenon. Nevertheless, firmware version 104 alternates adjacent light tube behavior in HDR, reducing the high-frequency noise as much as possible.

What you could try:
Max brightness + HDR On, let it run for a day or two, sometimes coil whine is reduced by heat over time.
It’s a problem with the used components, there is really not much you can do.

The other solution, the „hardware, void warranty“:
Epoxy, but I would really do that to a new monitor with warranty.