[✓CLOSED✓] Fix Fn-Lock affecting arrow keys and Oops key

Guys, this poll is done - @iKirin has confirmed that the team will be rolling out this fix soon.

  • Fn Lock (Fn+Esc) also toggles arrow keys and delete key at the moment.
  • “delete” and arrow keys functions should not change when Fn Lock is activated.

As acknowledged in

Additional V Keyboard instructions

There is already a fix for this on the way! :slight_smile:

We’ve catched this issue internally already (to be more specific: I got annoyed by this :smiley: ) and a new keyboard firmware should be available very soon.
I won’t promise any dates but I hope we can have all the latest drivers up by the end of the week.


Cool! can i change this to a poll for a software solution to change the menu key on the right to ctrl?

Not this topic, but feel free to add a new one! :slight_smile:

BTW I also think that it’s a cool idea! :slight_smile: While I use Ctrl more often than Menu, it’s still cool to have it! :smiley:

Actually this had already been said about half a year ago in the keynote thread that this shouldn’t be the case and fn lock must not toggle al ok fn functions but only those on F1-F12. I’m very surprised that it is the default now for the shipped devices.

What where was this mentioned? I unfortunately never had a prototype V with the Fn-Lock and as such that error was news to me when I found it when I was in Helsinki

Hey, you are the mod :yum: I’ll search it tomorrow if I have time, I think I have an idea where to find it. I think it was in one of the keyboard threads where the fn layouts were discussed.

It was also said that alt+f4 (or other combinations with ctrl, alt, shift) would always close a window, no matter if fn lock is on or off. Was that implemented?

Yep that was implemented :slight_smile:

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Yesssssss, this is awesome. It’s such a little thing, but it can make the difference between a great keyboard and one that just works :hugs: